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Feedback management
Story mapping
trello integration

Build product backlogs on story maps, then send them to JIRA.

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jira integration
Jira Cloud and Jira Server

Send story cards directly to dev or scrum board for implementation.

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slack integration

Get notified and reply to teammates directly from the easily customizable Slack app.

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Azure DevOps integration
Azure DevOps and TFS

Synchronize Epics, Features, User Stories and Iterations.

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Confluence integration

Share your product backlog with your teammates by embedding the story map to your Confluence document.

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Github integration

Push the implementable items to GitHub as issues. Status, title, description, and release sync.

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GitHub Enterprise

Enjoy all GitHub integration features also in GitHub Enterprise.

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G-Suite integration
G Suite

Tighten up your security and enable signle sign on for your teammates using G Suite.

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Flowdock integration

Improve team's efficiency with team chat tool integration.

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Figma integration

Give more context to user stories by embedding mockups from Figma.

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Pivotal tracker integration
Pivotal Tracker

Real time names, details and status synchronization. Sync story points.

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OneLogin integration
One Login

Tighten up your security and enable single sign on for your teammates using OneLogin.

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