Story Mapping Case Studies

These story mapping case studies prove that story mapping makes project and product planning easier, faster, and more focused on user needs. This agile technique can also be successfully adapted in an enterprise environment. Here are two examples.

Solution Stream

Improving work efficiency by speeding up the development

StoriesOnBoard brought a new era to SolutionStream’s routine project estimating and planning; their teams are now in a great place to start implementing all they planned from a much stronger position. That resulted in a clear understanding of what needs to be done – agreed with the client, and we provide a tool that helps product teams to create a shared understanding of the project itself.

Globe Rangers

StoriesOnBoard drives success to an IoT enablement business transformation platform

How StoriesOnBoard allowed GlobeRanger to be far more effective with time and resource management and became the ultimate reporting tool for senior management.

  • More effective time and resource management
  • Decreased costs by enabling more effective planning
  • Extensive backend integration with Jira
  • Senior Management reporting tool with all information
  • …and more!