StoriesOnBoard features

Discover all features that help you to manage your product.

User story mapping

3-level story maps

Organize product backlog into User goals - User steps - User stories. Swipe cards seamlessly (even with their children) across the board.

Flexible framework

You can add as many story maps as you want with unlimited space. Use the dynamic zoom to set the right point of view.

Keyboard support

Create story maps superfast without touching your mouse. Dozens of shortcuts allows you to build a story map during a discovery session.

Presenter mode

Introduce the backlog during an online meeting — users who join the story map can follow you without lags and low-res experience.

Custom workflows

Tailor user story statues to your needs by adding unlimited workflow statuses. Moreover, you can group them into categories.

User story estimations

Set the team's unit of estimation, such as days, story points, etc., and mark user stories with their costs. Estimates are added to releases and epics.

Card colors and annotations

Boost visuality by using different card colors and highlight additional informations with the highly customizable annotations.

Advanced sharing options

Add workspace members or external stakeholders to the story map with different user rights, plus you can create a shareable link which is accessible without registration.

Release management

Add workspace members or external stakeholders to the story map with different user rights, plus you can create a shareable link which is accessible without registration.

Release management

Flexible releases

Slice the backlog into releases, rearrange them by drag&drop, add details like release goals and archive shipped releases.

Status report

Track iterations with a single click in the release status report. Find bottlenecks and stucked user stories, and visualize progress on a pie chart.

Iteration syncing

Plan releases in StoriesOnBoard then push them to your issue tracker, one by one.

Release view

Narrow your point of view on the kanban-style release view, which is focusing on the current iteration. Share this view with your stakeholders easily.


Roadmap templates

Pick one of the pre-made templates and customize it to your needs.

Swimlane roadmaps

Set up you own structure by columns and group items with swimlanes into teams, workstreams etc.

Flexible roadmapping

Zoom in and out and collapse swimlanes to get the most efficient overview of your roadmap.


Highlight important information with labels. Customize label colors and orders with a few clicks.

Portfolio roadmaps

Create a multi-product roadmap to have a birds eye of view of your products or workstreams.

Status reports

Track the progress of your roadmap items on the roadmap board and the always up-to-date status reports.

Priority view

Make decisions with confidence. Switch to prioritization view and score items on your roadmaps.

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Integrated prioritization

No need to use 3rd party tools for prioritizing your items, simply switch to prioritization mode, score items, then switch back to roadmap view.

Prioritization frameworks

Pick one of the most powerful, proven prioritization frameworks like RICE and Value vs Effort.

Collaborative prioritization

Avoid biased decisions by inviting your team. Turn on the framework guide to get everybody on the same page.

Custom team rulessoon

Declare your unique values for each priority criteria, then make it visible on the framework guide.

Smart suggestion

Based on the choosen priority framework we can highlight "Quick wins", "Time sinks" etc.

Custom frameworksoon

Customize the priority framework to your needs by changing the scale of values, minimum or maximum values, progressive or linear scoring, etc.

Feedback management

Insight inbox

Streamline insights into a single, easy-to-use inbox where you can group and process them.

Insight tags and groups

Mark insights by tags and organize them into folders before processing them.

Insight integrations

Collect user insights from your CRM or team chat tool with Zapier. Plus, you can forward emails to your StoriesOnBoard insights inbox.

Insight automations

Speed up the insight processing by dozens of automation options.

Smart idea suggestions

Convert insights into actionable ideas which is fast and easy with the smart suggestions.

Idea board

Organize your feature ideas on a highly customizable idea board where you can easily overview attached insights, upvotes, attachements etc.

Idea board saved views

Create unlimited saved views by using the filter options — share custom views with your teammates or stakeholders.

Feedback portals

Share multiple portals from your idea board by selecting columns and tags, customize what's visible on the portal.

Upvotes and feedback

Keep feeding your backlog by asking your customers to vote on feature ideas and submit new feedback.

Branded portal

You can customize the title, description and main colors. You can share your portal in the cloud or embed it in your website/product.