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Get a quick overview on daily standups

Hide the past and future releases and the unneeded activities while talking about the current release on your status meetings.
You can also achieve it with a single click on the current release's "Show related cards" option.
If you have a really big screen you can zoom out to see the whole map.
Quick Overview

Fast story writing on a meeting

While you are on a sprint planning meeting or just negotiating the upcoming stories you'll have many new ideas that won't fit into the next sprint.
You can take note of those ideas on the map quickly using the keyboard: move the selection with the cursor keys, add new card with the „n” key, delete with the delete key, fast delete (without confirmation) with the shift + delete keys, edit card's title with pressing „t”.
Markdown Formatting

Write nice looking descriptions

With Markdown you are able to write details as nice organized text fast using only the keyboard for the formatting.
Nice Looking Cards


Give estimations to the upcoming stories and you'll get an aggregated estimate for the release.

Connect to PM tools

Collect and organise your ideas and stories on your story map and implement them with the help of JIRA, Trello, GitHub Issues or Pivotal Tracker.
Connect To PM Tools
Here's how you can use it:

1. Push the to be implemented cards to your favorite tool
2. Follow your custom implementation workflow there and the cards' statuses will reflect these      changes on your story map in real time
3. Plan your next releases on your map and repeat with step 1.

You can find more details the integrations in our blog post: Keep your User Story Map in sync with JIRA, Trello and Pivotal Tracker

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