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StoriesOnBoard Features

for delivering the right product right on time


Features for starting a new project from scratch

Build project backlog from user stories using smart card titles, enchanced card descriptions and custom labels.

Import export excel

Attach unlimited documents.

Add personas.


Features for easy backlog management

Create releases for product versions.

Move user stories by drag and drop.

Add estimations using custom estimation units, goals and release date.

Rearrange releases with one movement.


Features for effective collaboration

Invite your teammates to project's story map.

Members can leave comments, and mentions on cards.

Follow interactions on the activity feed.

Team chat and PM tool integrations.

Would like to involve customers? Need an always up-to-date status report?

Features for starting a new project from scratch

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Story Maps for an intuitive overview of the product vision and roadmap

Create unlimited product plans on your workspace and organize them into collections.

No matter how big is your project, there is endless space on the story maps.

Set different teams and permissions on story maps.
Import previous backlog from excel.

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Story Cards for collecting all the details

Create intuitive card titles for easy understanding, improve visuality with card title formatting, colors, and tags

Card details give unlimited space for structured descriptions, attachments, images, comments.

Use markdown formatting to write attractive descriptions.

Shortcuts for fast story writing and creating lets you build the backlog faster than ever.

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Personas for better understanding the project

Create user personas, add bio and avatar.

Assign personas to top level cards on the story map to deliver the maximum visuality.

Use custom labels and the search&filter to visualize user journeys.

Features for easy backlog management

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Easy navigation

Zoom in and out or collapse unrelated segments for a better view.

Pin top-level card to see user stories in the context of the product's backbone.

Insert new cards between existing ones. Rearrange cards by drag and drop.

Use search&filter to find updates in user stories made by your teammates.

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Product roadmap management

Organize user stories into releases and move cards between releases by only a click. 

Insert new releases between existing ones or move them by drag&drop.

Add release details and release date.

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Estimate the project

Add estimations to user stories using custom estimation units.

StoriesOnBoard will calculate and track estimations release by release.

Features for effective collaboration

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Online collaboration

Share the backlog and manage online collaboration in real-time.

Work on the backlog at the same time or take the lead in presenter mode.

Track members activities on the activity feed.

Filter out changed or new user stories by one click using search&filter.

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Different projects, different teams

Set different permission level on story maps depending the related project members.

Different visibility settings on projects.

Editors can add or edit user stories, attach files and comments.

Invite unlimited viewers for free for valuable thoughts and comments.

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

Integrate to PM tools

Connect your story map to JIRA, Trello, GitHub or Pivotal Tracker by a few clicks to push tasks to the dev team.

User stories are synchronized in real time, status-changes can be followed on the backlog.

Keep the pace by integrating your board with team chat tools (Slack, Hipchat etc).

Check integrations page

Additional features


Involve customers for creating better products

Share project with your customers by invititing to the story map. Customers get a intuitive view of the project and they can leave comments.


Save time on creating reports. Open the alway up-to-date status reports.

After inviting executives to the backlog, they can access to the real-time updated status reports.

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