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Story mapping provides a better understanding of user needs and product features, and better collaboration inside and outside the product team

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Better understanding of customer needs with story mapping

Manage business requirements and keep the project scope under control effortlessly with story maps

Involve stakeholders in the product discovery process

  • You can have as many viewers as you need completely free

  • Viewers can leave comments and valuable feedback

  • A story map is a visual tool for understanding the backlog

collaboration around the story map
user personas for understanding on a story map

Create user personas for better understanding their needs

  • Add role, behavior, and custom needs to user personas

  • Gather users goals they will achieve by using the product

  • Assign personas to users, and filter related cards

Set requirements for scope management

  • Write user stories fast and easy

  • Brainstorm with your team, collect brilliant product ideas

  • The story card details section helps you to write great user stories

requirement management on a story card specifications

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Join 100+ teams that rely on story mapping

I can easily view my short term and long term plans, and share them wit my distributed team. The connection to Jira makes getting the next batch up requirements to the dev team quick and easy.


Product Owner

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Share your product vision on a story map

Build a common understanding of the product vision by story mapping and develop a winning product management strategy.

Keep track of the big picture

  • Arrange goals, user steps and stories in a logical layout

  • Two and three-level story maps for any business needs

  • Zoom in and out to switch between strategic or detailed views

  • Visualize related elements with search and filter

development progress tracking
collaboration during product discussion with a story map

Facilitate product planning discussion with a story map

  • Set scope for a product team meeting

  • Invite remote team members and stakeholders

  • Use the presenter mode for focusing online presentations

Provide context for user stories

  • Level up user stories with colors and annotations

  • Write compelling, easy-to-understand specifications with the powerful text editor

  • Keep all product assets in one place, by adding unlimited attachments

status and annotations on a story map

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Implement the right features at the right time

Prioritize features right after the discovery process

Prioritize stories with ease

  • Estimate stories using story points or custom units

  • Arrange user stories or even a whole product release with a single movement

  • Mark risks and dependencies

feature prioritization a story map
product development roadmap with a story map

Create a roadmap for product development

  • Arrange user stories into releases, add release goals and dates

  • Track development with status reports

Implement the story map into your agile framework

  • Integrate the story map with just a few clicks to your issue tracker

  • Push stories to the dev team release by release

  • Keep your eye on the dev process with the real-time updated status

agile framework story map

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Start free trial and start your story mapping journey now!

story mapping playbook

FREE Story Mapping Playbook

All leaked best practices in one place

50 handpicked hints on

· Discovering project goals

· Mapping the user journey

· Prioritizing user stories

Bonus materials included

· 100 user stories

· Templates for specs

· Useful articles

Collaborate with stakeholders

Boost collaboration and understanding among internal and external stakeholders with a visual tool

Invite stakeholders

  • Viewers can join for free and can leave a comment

  • Share the backlog with private link for involving customers

  • Features for onboarding new members

stakeholder collaboration
product development roadmap with a story map

Stay up to date

  • Turn on notifications to track important backlog items

  • Connect the backlog to slack, for rapid responses

  • Track members using activity feed

Discuss with everyone

  • Discuss where it is needed - general discussions, user story, release

  • Notify them with mentions

  • Provide rich discussions using formatting and emojis

agile framework story map

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Start free trial and get free Story mapping eBook!

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