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User Story Mapping Tool

for delivering the right product right on time

For delivering the right product right on time

see the big picture
build shared understanding
plan and create releases for upcoming features


Designed for maximum productivity


Understand what's happening at glance


Get started in minutes

Turn Your Flat Backlog Into a User Story Map

For delivering the right product right on time

By visualizing your user's tasks and your solutions on a story map
you'll be able to...

Split user stories into small slices

Defer the less important

Focus on what's really important

Deliver early and often

Plenty Of Space

Plenty Of Space

Running out of space on your whiteboards?
Get endless space, on unlimited storymaps with StoriesOnBoard.

"It's sticky notes on steroids. Easily the best online story mapping software I've used."
Eric Avarel
(Product Manager)

Elastic Board

Elastic Board

New task right in the middle?
Just put it there! StoriesOnBoard will move the rest out of the way.

"I love how easy it is to build out and arrange/rearrange a story map. The navigation features are very easy to pick up or intuit."
James Childs
(Scrum Master)

Remote Teams

Remote teams?

Share your user story map online with StoriesOnBoard!

"Perfect for sharing our physical map with team members in other offices"
Sarah Laracy
(Agile Business Analist)

Sync with PM tools

Sync with PM tools

Push your card to JIRA, Trello, GitHub Issues or Pivotal Tracker and keep them sync in real time with your story map

"Two way sync with Trello, Jira and Github integration makes it an easy choice no matter what engineering or development team prefers."
Daniel Swid
(Agile Engineering & Customer Innovation)

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