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What is StoriesOnBoard?

StoriesOnBoard helps Product Managers understand customer needs, automate feedback collection, develop feature ideas, prioritize and validate what to develop next with a public roadmap and rally all stakeholders around the story map.

Boost product discovery with user story maps

  • Brainstorm around the story map with your remote team

  • Enjoy instant shared understanding among techy and non-techy team members

  • Discover requirements that add real value to the user

collaboration around the story map
release planning with a user story map

Slice out the MVP and further releases

  • Capture the right product requirements

  • Prioritize features based on most value to the user

  • Organize your backlog into releases and slice out the MVP

Automate product feedback sorting & management

  • Forget about manually sorting each piece of feedback

  • Set up custom automations rules and let the app do the work for you

  • Find your product feedback backlog organized every time

release planning with a user story map

Integrate with the tools you use every day

Sync your story maps with your favorite issue trackers and automate product feedback collection.

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Streamline product feedback into a single repository

  • Capture both internal and external feedback at every possible channel

  • Never lose track of valuable user insights again

  • Gather feedback in a single repository

gather product feedback into a repository

Convert product feedback into feature ideas

  • Group similar feedback together and frame actionable ideas

  • Simply drag & drop insights to the right idea

  • Put feedback ‘on hold’ if their time has not yet come

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StoriesOnBoard is there to support me throughout the entire product management process from discovery, through validation and feedback collection to refinement. Integrating it with Jira and using the Chrome extension has saved our team so much valuable time.


Product Owner

Develop actionable feature ideas

  • Collaborate with your team to develop feature ideas

  • Add attachments such as mockups and links to feature ideas

  • Assign different tags to ideas to categorize them

Validate ideas on a roadmap

  • Create a roadmap to let stakeholders know what's on your radar in development

  • Make your roadmap public or share only with a selected few

  • Allow your power users to vote and comment on ideas

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story mapping playbook

FREE Story Mapping Playbook

All leaked best practices in one place

50 handpicked hints on

· Discovering project goals

· Mapping the user journey

· Prioritizing user stories

Bonus materials included

· 100 user story map examples

· Templates for specs

· Useful articles