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Grow product insights into killer feature ideas with Feedback management

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What is StoriesOnBoard User Feedback Management?

StoriesOnBoard User Feedback Management is a collaborative tool for gathering valuable product feedback from both internal and extrenal stakeholders, developing actionable feature ideas and validating them on a public roadmap.

Automate product feedback collection

  • Track user & stakeholder feedback coming from different channels in one place

  • Capture product insights quickly while you're browsing the web

  • Store source of insisghts and product ideas so that you can follow up on them later

  • Incubate insights that you're not yet ready to work on

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convert user feedback into feature ideas

Create actionable feature ideas from insights

  • Group product insights into higher-level feature ideas

  • Add user & stakeholder insights later to an idea

  • Keep track of product feedback that belongs to the same idea

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Develop product feedback into actionable feature ideas

  • Collaborate with your team to develop feature ideas

  • Add attachments such as mockups and links to feature ideas

  • Assign different tags to ideas to categorize them

develop feature ideas from user feedback
build a roadmap based on user feedback

Validate ideas on a roadmap

  • Create a roadmap to let stakeholders know what's on your radar in development

  • Make your roadmap public or share only with a selected few

  • Allow your power users to vote and comment on ideas

Automate user feedback collection from different channels

Browse our integrations list and save valuable time by setting up feedback collection automations.

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Push ideas to a story map

  • Plan iterations by pushing ideas to a story map

  • Find the right place for your idea on the user story

  • Weigh alternative user steps and set priorities

develop feature ideas on a story map
engage your user and customer base

Close the feedback loop

  • Notify all concerned users and stakeholders easily

  • Improve engagement through expressing appreciation towards their feedback

  • Build a power user base around your product

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The biggest challange for me as a Product Manager has always been keeping things organized whether that's feedback from clients, the dev team or just random ideas. StoriesOnBoard is saving me so much time I would be spending on getting lost among e-mails, notes and Trello cards.

Olivia Rios

Product Manager

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Start free trial and take all pro features for a test drive!

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User feedback management FAQ

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