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Trust and Security at StoriesOnBoard

The trust of our customers is crucial for us.


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Security Features

Trust begins with security. Your data is our responsibility and we're to protecting it from unauthorized access.

Secure infrastructure

StoriesOnBoard is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which meets the highest compliance standards.
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Data encryption & hashing

All network communication use TLS. Passwords are stored hashed. Data is encrypted at rest. 
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Continuous data backup

Geo-redundant backup is taken every 5-10 minutes to ensure your data is safe. All backups are encrypted. 
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Access control

Users have unique, passwod protected account. Users can have different access rights for story maps
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Pro Security Features

Security logging

Workspace access history, workspace audit log,
centralised application level access management
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SAML based SSO

SAML 2.0 based Single Sign On authentication
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Approved IP ranges

Extended workspace security settings with IP address white lists
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Domain based access control

Extended, email domain based workspace security
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