Story Mapping Software For Azure DevOps (VSTS) and TFS

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user story mapping tool for Azure Devops projects

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User story mapping solutions for Azure DevOps and TFS

Start planning from scratch

  • Three-level user story mapping for an effective product design

  • Fast story writing featureslet you collect user stories tremendously easy

  • Add unlimited details, attachments or comments to user stories

user story map for azure software projects
team collaboration for story map

Involve team members

  • Use the intuitive brainstorming mode to get all valuable ideas

  • Viewers can join to the workspace in real-time and can leave comments for free

  • User story maps are visual aid for non-technical stakeholders

Create user personas

  • Boost visuality and team's engagement with user personas

  • Create a compelling BIO, add details for a better understanding

  • Assign personas to epics and visualize user journeys

user persona ona  story map for azure devops projects

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Join teams who make their Azure DevOps backlogs visual

Two way sync makes it an easy choice no matter what engineering or development team prefers.

Daniel Swid

Agile Engeneering & Customer Innovation

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Seamless backlog management for Azure DevOps and TFS

Hierarchy sync

  • Integrate the user story map to Azure DevOps project with just a few clicks

  • The levels on the story map will be synchronized to epics and user stories

  • Create versions on the story map, they are synchronized too

story map synchronization with azure devops
card synchronizatin with azure devops

Synced details

  • Descriptions and story points are mirrored and updated

  • Create easy-to-understand specifications

  • Track current iteration with real-time updated user story status

Always ready for the change

  • It's super easy to insert new stories in the middle of the backlog

  • Drag tasks between epics or releases with one movement

  • Use it to present the project's status

story map backlog management for azure software projects
product discovery for azure devops with a story map

Product rediscovery

  • StoriesOnBoard can sync everything back and forth

  • Build a story map from a running Azure DevOps project by a single click

  • Select items to import depending on your project needs

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Effortless iteration planning for Azure DevOps

I love how easy it is to build out and arrange/rearrange a story map. The navigation features are very easy to pick up.

James Childs

Scrum Master


Visual iterations planning for your Azure DevOps projects

Organize your short-term and long-term plans

  • Schedule versions smoothly, arrange them by drag and drop

  • Don't let the dev team's board overloaded, push user stories to Azure DevOps version by version

  • Preview what the next month or quarter look like

release planning in story map for azure devops
user journey mapping on a story map

Implement your story map into your agile framework

  • Planning versions is tremendously easy by arranging user stories by dragging and dropping

  • Sync version structure and version details to Azure DevOps project

  • Ongoing project? Import Azure DevOps backlog with just a few clicks

story mapping playbook

FREE Story Mapping Playbook

All leaked best practices in one place

50 handpicked hints on

· Discovering project goals

· Mapping the user journey

· Prioritizing user stories

Bonus materials included

· 100 user stiory map examples

· Templates for specs

· Useful articles

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Story Mapping For Azure DevOps FAQ

What does structure sync mean?

Which item parameters are synced?

Can I use custom statuses?

What if I use a different structure

What if the project is already exist in Azure DevOps?

How can I sync if estimation units don not match story points?

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