Build visual product roadmaps

Plan, track and manage your agile product roadmap

agile product roadmap tool

Build better roadmaps by focusing on value to the user

StoriesOnBoard roadmaps help you plan and prioritize your product’s features based on valuable feedback. The app syncs with most task management tools so it will fit right into your agile workflow.

Smart user feedback collection to inspire product features

  • Gather product feedback into a single repository

  • Automate feedback sorting & management to facilitate the product planning process and save significant time & mental space

  • Rely on a deeper understanding of users to build a better product

user feedback collection for roadmapping
release planning with a user story map

Automate product feedback sorting & management

  • Forget about manually sorting each piece of feedback

  • Set up custom automations rules and let the app do the work for you

  • Find your product feedback backlog organized every time

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop feature ideas

  • Invite your team to work on building actionable feature ideas for your product

  • Assign different access roles to users on your workspace

  • Add mockups, estimations and development-related information

convert user feedback into feature ideas

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Track development status on a kanban board

  • Tailor your roadmap to your workflow with custom statuses on an intuitive kanban board

  • Find all relevant product feedback, mockups & upvotes where you track development status

  • Tag features ideas based on product or topic

develop feature ideas for your roadmap
build a rproduct oadmap based on user feedback

Validate ideas on a product roadmap

  • Create a roadmap to let stakeholders know what's on your radar in development

  • Gather insights on planned features

  • Allow your power users to vote and comment on ideas

Hook your roadmap up with your favorite issue tracker

Browse our integrations list and save valuable time by syncing feature ideas with the task management solution of your choice.

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Prioritize features that drive the most engagement

  • Get direct & immediate feedback from power users & influential stakeholders

  • Validate ideas before you push them for development

  • Plan the product development roadmap based on features that drive the most user engagement

develop feature ideas on a story map
engage your user and customer base with a roadmap

Build a dedicated user base around your product roadmap

  • Always keep engaged users & customers in the loop

  • Communicate planned & upcoming features easily with a public roadmap

  • Build advocacy through expressing appreciation towards their feedback

Join 1000+ teams that build lovable products with StoriesOnBoard

I manage around 7 products and being able to keep track of all customer feedback, stories and sprints in one place on top of sprint capacity makes my life a lot easier.

Kevin J.

Product Owner

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Plan releases & sprints in a visual way with a story map

  • Create a roadmap for product development by arranging user stories into releases

  • Push stories for development release by release

  • Track development with status reports

plan releases with a story map
capture the right requirements with a story map

Manage expectations of external stakeholders with a story map

  • Make project scoping more intuitive with a visual aid

  • Map the project scope and alternative solutions on a story map

  • Invite non-technical stakeholders to participate in the planning process

  • Capture the right requirements

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Product Roadmap FAQ

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