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Two-way, real-time sync between your backlog and Trello board

trello story map tool

Have a 360-degree view of your backlog

It’s time to organize endless Trello lists into a story map, and see the big picture of your product. Sync your board with StoriesOnBoard with just a few clicks.

visual Trello backlog with a story map
Release planning visually with a story map on a Trello project

Plan releases & sync them with your Trello board

Plan releases effortlessly with drag and drop. Road mapping your product gives you clarity about how your next quarter will look like. Release information is synced and highlighted on the Trello board in real-time.

Don't lose sight of the big picture

Track the development process from a bird’s eye of view. Status changes are synced immediately to your backlog and status reports. On top of it you can receive custom notifications.

track development progress of a Trello project with synchronization

Join 1000+ teams who love StoriesOnBoard

Before we adopted story mapping, we were misusing Trello to handle both our in-sprint workflow and our longer range workflow across multiple boards, and while Trello is fine for our in-sprint workflow, every attempt to use it for the longer range planning would be a false start.

Dave Duchene


Conduct ideation on a more inspiring platform

Brainstorm with your remote teammates in real-time. Write concise user stories then detail them with requirements. Organize customer feedback assets and mockups in the same place. All the details are synced to Trello.

Clear context leads to insightful ideas

Give the context of the ideation to the development without flooding the cards. All the crucial information and assets are synced to Trello cards. Attachments are accessible directly from Trello.

synchronize Trello cards with a story map
collaborate with stakeholders on your Trello project with a story map

Invite stakeholders to boost shared understanding

Collect ideas on the backlog and push to the execution when they’re ready to implement. Stakeholders can join for free and can leave productive comments without diving deep into the software development.

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Your process, your way

Organize backlog items in a way that fits to your product. Create your product backbone based on user journey, user steps or even product components.

organize your Trello backlog visually
agile workflow with a story map

Real-time & two way sync tailored to your workflows

Tailor tools to your process, not the other way around. You can set up your unique workflow for managing ideas and planning releases. Map backlog and Trello statuses as you wish.

Plan releases visually

Don’t let the development board get flooded. Plan releases in StoriesOnBoard, then sync to the dev team one by one to keep them focused.

plan releases of your Trello proect with a story map
story mapping playbook

FREE Story Mapping Playbook

All leaked best practices in one place

50 handpicked hints on

· Discovering project goals

· Mapping the user journey

· Prioritizing user stories

Bonus materials included

· 100 user stiory map examples

· Templates for specs

· Useful articles

Want to explore more? Start here.

Involve customers using story maps

Share project with your customers by invititing to the story map. Customers get a intuitive view of the project and they can leave comments.

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Useful resources for user story mapping

A collection of the best intros, advanced techniques, case studies and tools for user story mapping curated by us.

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Save time on reporting with always up-to-date status reports

After inviting executives to the backlog, they can access to the real-time updated status reports.

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How to design a product with a story map for Trello

A succesfull product development begins with planning...

Build your product's story map. Discover activities. Explore the product. Prioritize tasks and slice out viable/working releases.

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Push tasks that are ready for development to your Trello board without flooding it with feature ideas.


Keep your Trello board clean to stay focused while making sure all your data is safely stored in a visual way.

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How to rediscover your Trello product with a story map

Avoid failures by discovering holes in the product
Build your product's backbone

Create user story map from scratch by collecting activities and user steps. Follow the narrative flow to get whole journey.

Import cards from Trello

Import Trello cards and arrange them below activities. If there is no task beneath a user step, there should be a missing feature. Explore what feature can solve the step or how a feature can serve a better user experience.

Improve the product by rediscovering it on a story map

So you've found holes and solved the issues but what's next? You'll get tons of opportunities after story mapping.

Implement emerging ideas effectively

APutting new tasks directly into product development workflow is one of the worst solutions
Rebuild product backlog on a story map

Create user story map from scratch by collecting activities and user steps. Follow the narrative flow to get whole journey.

Create an agile workflow for new ideas

This workflow allows you to
- analyze new items and don't let you develop something useless
- prioritize new tasks on a story map and guides you to schedule them
- estimate new tasks and give help to release/sprint planning.

Make the most out of SCRUM

While a scrum team is working on a sprint the scrum master can collect feedback and ideas. SM keeps unscheduled and unestimated tasks away from the dev team and avoids losing the pace.

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Start free trial and take all pro features for a test drive!