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"StoriesOnBoard help me to make my discovery process even better, you can easily map your product."

Wilfrido S. - Project Manager Lead

Focus on the problem

Create the vision statement

Visualize goals and dependencies

Invite your team members for free

product discovery - visualize project goals

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Full structure sync with story map integration

Define target customers

Visualize the relationship between target audience and goals

Create user personas with stunning bio's

Use templates to collect all the crucial info

"It is easy to define different roles of personas in the application, and it makes tasks of each story clear"

James W - Lead Engineer

Map the narrative flow

explore possible user journeys

arrange them into the natural flow

create different journeys

User Story Details are syncronized in real-time between StoriesOnBoard and Azure DevOps (TFS)

"I love how easy it is to build out and arrange/rearrange a story map.
The navigation features are very easy to pick up or intuit."

James Childs - Scrum Master

Plan iterations in StoriesOnBoard then push to Azure DevOps

Explore solutions

start ideating with the powerful brainstorming mode

brainstorm online in real-time

add nice-looking description to user stories

add more visality by custom labels and tags

"StoriesOnBoard help me to make my discovery process even better, you can easily map your product, prioritize your user stories, plan your releases and come up with a simple and useful visual solutions to share with non-thecnical stakeholders."

Wilfrido S. - Project Manager Lead

Prioritize and slice out the release structure

arrange cards into the priority order by drag and drop

slice out a prototype or a release

push cards to your favorite issue tracker

User story maps are the visual aid for customers

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Product Discover In 9 Steps:

1. Collect goals
2. Define target audience
3. Map the narrative flow
4. Collect problems
5. Explore solutions
6. Define user journeys
7. Prioritize solutions
8. Creat prototypes
9. Execute prototypes

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