Best Miro alternative for story mapping

Take product discovery one step further

Collaborate with your team around the story map, plan iterations and follow progress with a bird's eye view story map.

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Explore story mapping beyond product discovery with a Miro alternative

StoriesOnBoard’s story mapping solution is designed to guide your product discovery journey with an invisible hand with ‘structured flexibility’ and help you manage the project’s scope iteration by iteration by facilitating collaboration and iteration planning.

Stop doing the same job twice, map out your product and follow up on development progress with the same tool!

StoriesOnBoard vs. Miro

Features StoriesOnBoard Miro
Story card details • rich card details (headings, pharagraphs)
• attachments
• web links
• embedded Figma mockups
• comments on cards
basic cards with simple text descriptions only
Estimation • customizable estimation units (hours, story points)
• synced with your issue tracker
only for Jira users
Collaboration • real time & asynchronous
• card and board commenting options
• presenter mode
• brainstorming mode
only real time
Statuses • built-in statuses
• status mapping to issue trackers
only for Jira users
Personas & user journeys • rich persona cards
• user journeys based on personas
no options to highlight personas and journeys
Issue tracker integrations Deep integrations to Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps
• card details
• attachements
• structure sync
integration to Jira and Azure DevOps (without iteration and hierarchy sync)
Status reports based on estimation units or story cards
Release planning with drag & drop, automatic effort estimation limited drag & drop
Iteration tracking Easy-to-share iteration view with real-time updates - even on mobile. -
User access management advanced user right management equally advanced user right management
Price from $9 per editor from $8 per editor

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Simple & visual product discovery

Flexible discovery with an invisible hand that gives you structure

Follow our guiderails & place user goals, steps and stories to the right place. Our tool gives you the right amount of structure to create a story map quickly while you’re throwing ideas around.

Insert new steps or move stories around easily without messing up the board to complete your map at any further stage.

story map alternative for Miro
story card descriptions as Miro alternatives

All related information right where you need it - on story cards

Include all relevant details in your story card descriptions. Enrich card descripctions by creating headings & bulletpoints, including tables or inserting images.

Save time by syncing card descriptions with your productivity tool and find all important info wherever you need it.

Involve external stakeholders effortlessly

Do you create separate, cleaner versions of the project’s scope to make discovery for non-technical stakeholders more comprehensible?

With StoriesOnBoard, you don’t have to do the same job twice!

Story maps are easy to follow, as they provide a bird’s eye view of the project and still have all important details right where you need them.

story map collaboration for stakeholders
remote team story map

Collaborate with team mates remotely

Keep your team in the loop after the kickoff meeting. Story mapping for hybrid & asynchronous teams has never been easier.

StoriesOnBoard allows commenting to story cards and tagging your teammates. This way discovery won’t stop at the start of the project.

Create user journeys based on user personas for better understanding

Create custom personas and fill them with rich details based on role, behavior and needs. Assign the right persona to each user goal, step or story and create various user journeys based on personas.

StoriesOnBoard allows you to filter by personas to have a quick overview of a selected user journey.

user stories and user personas on story map

Smart release planning

Estimate the effort where discovery happens

Do you prefer hours? Story points? Or bigger units such as days?

In StoriesOnBoard, you can customize your estimation unit on your story map and assign the estimated amount to each story card.

Make sure to sync the map & estimation units with your issue tracker (e.g. Jira).

release planning with a Miro alternative story map
release and iteration planning

Take discovery a step further: plan releases

Drag & drop user stories into releases easily without worrying about messing up the whole story map!

Assign release goals and determine release dates for precise planning.

Integrate with the tools you use every day

Sync your story maps with your favorite issue trackers and automate product feedback collection.

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Continuous iteration management

Implement the story map into your agile framework

Should you be a Jira, Trello or Azure DevOps user, you can integrate StoriesOnBoard with the issue tracker of your choice with just a few clicks to have cards synced real time.

Push user stories for development release by release.

Trello Jira sync by a Miro alternative story map
story map reporting feature

Board-ready status reports with just a few clicks

Keep your eye on the development progress with status report available for each release. Follow how many cards / story points are left to do and are already done.

Share status reports with management to give a quick update about how the project is going.

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Start free trial and take all pro features for a test drive!