StoriesOnBoard Lifetime Deal Supplementary Terms

1. Introduction

  1. By using the web site (“Service”), a service of DevMads Ltd., You are agreeing to be bound by the general terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) found at

  2. This (“Agreement”) as an addition to the general Terms of Service sets out the supplementary terms and conditions that apply to (“StoriesOnBoard Lifetime Deal”).

  3. Under this program, you may purchase a lifetime subscription to use StoriesOnBoard service so long as the Lifetime Deal Program is running.

  4. By creating an account and in StoriesOnBoard and subscribing to StoriesOnBoard Lifetime Deal you accept these terms, along with our general Terms of Service and all other relevant terms and conditions.

2. Eligibility

  1. Any user who creates a StoriesOnBoard Account and purchases a StoriesOnBoard Lifetime Deal subscription during the Promotional Period may participate in the Lifetime Deal Program.

3. Lifetime Deal Program Scope

  1. The Lifetime Deal Program shall be made available so long as the StoriesOnBoard Service is made available.

  2. The StoriesOnBoard Service and its features may change at any time.

  3. The Lifetime Deal Program shall be made to the holder of the StoriesOnBoard Account for the duration of that user’s lifetime. Such right shall immediately terminate upon the user being declared deceased. Such right shall not be transferable.

  4. The Lifetime Deal shall not continue where DevMads ceases to operate, the Service is suspended, declared bankrupt, or otherwise ceases to operate.

  5. The products and features made available through the Lifetime Deal Program can be found here:

  6. The exact scope of features and the limitations of the Lifetime Deal is determined when a Lifetime Deal is purchased.

4. Liability

Please see the general Terms of Service.

5. Term and Termination

  1. The term of the Lifetime Deal Program begins upon your purchase of a Lifetime Deal membership and will end when your StoriesOnBoard Account is terminated.

  2. The Lifetime Deal Program may be terminated in the following circumstances:

    a. Where you are declared deceased;

    b. Where you are in breach of these or any other StoriesOnBoard Terms.

    c.StoriesOnBoard service is no longer operated

6. Governing Law, Jurisdiction

Please see the general Terms of Service.