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User Story Mapping as delivery planning

by Paddy Corry

“User Story Mapping adds a narrative element to a larger unit of value by taking a vertical backlog such as Jira or VSTS, and adding a horizontal axis across the top to represent the entire narrative of the larger unit of value. Let’s call it the ‘unit of value’ a feature in this post. If you’re not familiar with the technique, it is straight-forward, but also deceptively sophisticated.” Read more…

User Story Mapping and probabilistic forecasting

by Willem-Jan Ageling

“Probabilistic Forecasting summarizes what is known about future events. You will not work with single-valued forecasts but you assign a probability to a number of different outcomes. Probabilistic Forecasting based on historical data is an alternative proposed by #NoEstimates. You don’t make assumptions, you use actual data. This makes it a powerful way of planning.” Read more…

“User Story Mapping is Big Design Upfront!”

by Willem-Jan Ageling

“Some people I know dislike User Story Mapping. They find it is Big Design Upfront (BDUF). You’d basically do upfront planning of multiple Sprints. And even if you would not do this, if you would allow new insights to be added, you waste a lot of time on the exercise that probably turns out to be largely incorrect when time passes.” Read more…

User Story Mapping Games

by Kateřina Mňuková

“User story mapping is a great technique, if everybody knows what to do, how and what to expect (more in my previous articles about story mapping). If you are worried that the workshop itself could be messy due to lack of knowledge about the user story mapping, start it with quick game. It takes maximum 30 min and it explains the purpose of story mapping more than enough and plus it’s fun!” Read more…

7 Reasons to try user story mapping

by Kate Hopkins

“Typically, participants tell the story of a particular user’s experience, documenting the various steps and options with sticky notes as they go.  Story maps ensure that the focus stays on the user and what he or she is trying to accomplish, rather than on features or development requirements.  They’re an incredibly versatile tool that helps with design, prioritization, and communication.” Read more…

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