How To Visualize Personas and Journeys Like a Pro

How to visualize personas and journeys on a story map - StoriesOnBoard

The next awesome opportunity to use labels is to visualize personas and journeys. In a user-centered world, you can’t miss the buyer persona out of the backlog. StoriesOnBoard offers a smart feature to create personas, add details and assign them to activities. We got user reviews about the feature and some of them say, it’s … Read more

How to Add Personas to an Existing Story Map

How to add personas to a story map? To be honest several story mappers use top-level cards as persona cards and visualize user steps on the second level. Can the persona feature help those? The answer is definitely YES. No to mention that the StoriesOnboard app can do much more! So let’s roll up those … Read more

What’s On a Persona Card?

Persona card

What Is a User Persona Card? User persona cards help you understand your customers better and build more empathy. User personas or simply personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed user behavior patterns. User personas help the product manager and other members of the product team to understand the … Read more