StoriesOnBoard January 2015 minor fix Release

We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard. It’s a small bugfix release incorporating the feedback we received.

It contains fixes for following bugs:

  • Changing the card’s name doesn’t get saved on 2 level view of the board
  • Bookmarking the board in 2 level view and visiting it causes internal server error
  • Moving a card from a long column to the bottom of a short column is more difficult than it should be
  • Fullscreen-related javascript error on IE10 and Safari
  • Removing and immediately readding an invited collaborator causes internal server error
  • Sharing a story map by inviting new collaborator doesn’t allow trailing spaces in email address making it harder to copy-paste them
  • On list of story maps (workspace dashboard) the number of cards is zero when the story map has unscheduled cards only
  • Delete confirmation dialog comes up by pressing the delete key even when no card was selected
  • Adding card under the bottom-most card is unintuitive. The same down arrow is missing that appears in empty columns.
  • CTRL + A is an unexpected shortcut when editing a card. It focuses the title instead of selecting all the text in the description. (edit title’s shortcut is now F2 as on the board too)

Thanks for all your feedback! Please keep up letting us know if you have any problems or miss something from StoriesOnBoard.

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