New security features, GitHub Enterprise, improved JIRA integration and more…

Let us introduce the Pro Plan, our newest plan with all existing features and additional security features. We’re still working hard to develop the basic and the standard plans. According to Your feedbacks, we’ve added functions to invitation form on all plans. GitHub Enterprise and a lot of JIRA integration features are available for Standard plan users.

Pro Plan Features

Advanced workspace security

  • Email domain based access control allows to restrict acces to your workspace and create a white list based on users email adress
  • Approved IP range is similar to email domain base access control, you can create a whitelist based in ip address and/or range. Both access control options can be used in the same time.
  • Workspace access history grants you to follow all access attempts to your workspace
  • Workspace audit logs shows you all workspace related activities by users

SAML based SSO

  • End users can log in to StoriesOnBoard, using corporate credentials
  • Password stored and managed outsite of StoriesOnBoard, using ideintity provider of choice by the Corporate IT.
  • Centralised application level access management, allows the IT admins for example to lock out a user who leaves the company, and there is no need to corporate ID login.
  • Custom password policies, specifies password lenght, maximum age of password, prevent reusing the same password

Features for standard users

  • Advanced Jira integrations: Display JIRA issue keys on cards, add StoriesOnBoard card link to the JIRA issue’s page, importing issues using JQL, Adding Jira fields to cards.

Check the details in the Help Center!

  • GitHub Enterprise integration

Features for every users

  • We’ve upgraded the invitation form. You are able to resend invitation, or share invitation link if something happens, or the invited can’t receive the invitation e-mail.

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Announcement of October 2016

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