The Ultimate Guide to the Best Product Management Frameworks: Which One Should You Use?

best product management frameworks

There are many different methods, frameworks, and processes in the world of product management. Some are more widely recognized than others, but each has its own merits and can be useful in different situations. Reading this article will give you an overview of the best product management frameworks and which ones to use.

How to Build a Great Product Team Structure

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There is no single structure for product teams. Product teams are organised around a single product, different products or product lines of the company, with the participation of experts from different areas of the company. If the products are very large and complex, the product team structure may be based on product characteristics, customer segmentation or a specific business or customer need.

The 7 Best Prioritization Models in Agile Product Development

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You use prioritization to make sure you get the best out of agile product development. Here are the seven best prioritization models to try. Contents Kano Model Opportunity Scoring Stack Ranking Priority Poker MoSCoW Model Cost of Delay 100 Dollar Test Which one to choose? What prioritization models are the best for agile product development? … Read more