We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard. This release’s biggest improvement is real-time collaboration.

Real-time collaboration

Working together on the same map at the same time wasn’t the most pleasant experience in StoriesOnBoard, because you always needed to refresh the board to see each other’s changes.

From today, when others are making changes to the map their changes will appear immediately on your screen.

This applies to all the changes made by others, for example when someone

  • edits a card’s title or description
  • changes the status or color of a card
  • creates, moves or deletes a card (even higher level cards with children)

the changes will be instantly appearing on your screen. Even when someone changes a card in Jira, Trello or Pivotal Tracker, those updates will be seen on the map without a refresh.

We also have an experimental feature for giving presentations with StoriesOnBoard. On a meeting with remote members, one can be a presenter and others can choose to follow her. Followers can see what card the presenter is selecting and the cards details screen is also opened when the presenter is opening it.

Please try it and let us know how it works for you at your meetings.

Move story maps between workspaces

You can move a map to another workspace where you have permission to create new maps. This is useful in case you had created your own workspace first, but later you or someone created a company workspace and you’d like to move into a common workspace.

It will be more important when StoriesOnBoard will go out of beta, because a subscription will be tied to a workspace and the plans will be based on the number of members in a workspace.

Move storymap

Moving a map moves all it’s contents, including

  • cards and their structure
  • colors
  • attachments
  • comments
  • cards’ connections to items in issue trackers

but it doesn’t move the map’s collaborators, issue tracker integration settings and team chat integration settings. You need to share the map again in it’s new workspace and set it’s integration settings.

When the map in it’s new place is connected to the same board in Trello, or the same project in Pivotal Tracker, or the same Jira instance and project, then the cards’ connection will be preserved, they will remain connected to their respective items in the integrated tool.

Other improvements and bug fixes


  • Total number of cards, total estimation and estimation of remaining open cards are displayed for a release
  • Connected cards on the story map can be opened from Trello
  • Sync card’s estimation with story points in Jira and Pivotal Tracker

Bug fixes

  • Pressing esc while editing release’s name dismissed the whole release lane
  • Disabling end enabling manually set up Jira integration ended up in internal server error
  • Internal server error was thrown after deleting a map
  • Horizontal scrolling of the top pinned rows didn’t work on newly created maps till reload
  • Deleting multiple stories in Pivotal Tracker at once didn’t disconnect card on the map
  • Copy and paste cards between two maps ended in internal server error
  • Pushing cards as epics in Jira threw Jira error message about missing epic name field

StoriesOnBoard beta will end soon

We are pleased to announce that StoriesOnBoard will end it’s beta period soon. Currently we are working on turning it into a subscription-based service. We’d like to thank all the support we got from you so far.

What it will mean to you?

  • StoriesOnBoard will improve faster. We’ve got so many great requests and ideas from you. Finally we’ll able to deal with them faster, once we can dedicate our time to the tool.
  • Better guaranties. You don’t need to worry about if the tool will disappear some day, because we can’t pay the bills Mosolygó arc
  • And of course it will cost some money, but we hope that the value it gives in your projects will far outweighs it’s price


As always any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please use our feedback widget at the bottom right corner of the application.


Comment by Chris

Seems like you got the title on this wrong, it says 2015 ;)

Comment by Arpi

You are right Chris :) Thanks for letting us know!

Comment by Sale

Are you planing to have a free package? With some limited functionalities?

Comment by Arpi

Thanks for the question Sale!
Currently we don't plan to have a free tier, but we hope that our prices will be reasonably low.

Comment by Dany Poudrier

Good news! Can't wait to try it...

Dany Poudrier
Comment by steve

It's good to see the progress, Arpi. Looking forward to seeing pricing. Thanks, — Steve

Comment by Pascal Mestdach

Great new release Arpi. How much time in advance will you announce the exact date the beta period is ending (because our procurement process takes some time)? One more question: is a card filter (f.e. on card color) functionality somewhere on the roadmap?

Pascal Mestdach
Comment by Arpi

Thanks Pascal!
When the beta period ends all current subscribers will start a one month trial which can be extended easily if more time is needed for that.
Filtering of cards is one of our most requested feature so we'll put it into our backlog near to the top. Unfortunately I can't tell you even a rough deadline, because we expect to meet with yet unforseen tasks because of the subscription-based service.

Comment by Helenmarie Slater

Can someone contact me regarding the subscription so we can see if we have any budget and it takes time to get things via Procurement.

Helenmarie Slater
Comment by Arpi

Dear Helenmarie,

Please contact us using the feedback widget in the bottom right corner of the application, so we can discuss it.

Comment by Christofer H Bagge

Really great tool that will help us structure our user stories and planing releases.
We look forward to be able to contribute to your prosperous future so we get the coolest tool!

Christofer H Bagge
Comment by Arpi

Thanks Christofer! :)

Comment by Chris

No problem with paying for this tool, as long as you can select multiple cards to move. Moving one at a time is drag.

Comment by Mark

Do you have an idea what the 'base' level subscription is, so we can get an idea of whether it is a 'runner' or out of our league?

Comment by Preema

We are currently using stories on board. I wanted to know if there is any way to syn uploads into JIRA.

Comment by Arpi


I'm sorry for the late answer.
We are going to publish a pricing page in a few days with the planned prices.

Comment by Jonathan Horowitz

Just checking out the pricing plan and am a bit concerned about the cost. Will Storyboards created prior to 30th May be accessible through the site (even if read-only) once your pricing plans become active?

Jonathan Horowitz
Comment by Arpi

Yes, you can even use them normally in the 30 days trial which ends just at the end of June. After that all maps will be still accessible (and exportable) in read-only mode.

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