Persona feature – release announcement March 2018

After a mass request, we are very pleased to announce StoriesOnBoard’s latest release. Let us introduce your product users powered by a brand new Persona Feature.

What is a persona?

Persona is a fictional character, represents users who use our product in a similar way. Visualizing them on story map helps to

  • build more empathy
  • understand users’ goals
  • keep focused on target audience’s needs

How to create?

You can create your first persona by opening a “personas panel”.

Name: give a name to your persona to build more empathy. Names appear on personas short list and on the story map (optional). You can assign personas to activities on the card’s view by entering personas’ names.

Persona group: contains one of the most important information about your user, that’s why we handle separated from other details. Groups are segments of the product audience. This information highlighted also in the persona short list, so it helps to recognize your audience.

You can group your audience by:

  • job role (eg: product owner, developer)
  • behavior (eg: regular buyer, impulse buyer)
  • by seniority (eg: junior, senior)

Made up your own persona group based on the most important segmenting method.

Image: A picture is worth a thousand words, so add a photo to your persona. Using avatars lets an easier use of personas e.g: assigning to an activity

Details: Opportunities are endless to add a bio to persona’s card. Try to the same categories for personas, it helps to compare users’ behavior.

Add avatar photo from our gallery or upload your own picture. We embedded an easy to handle picture cropper to create remarkable personas.

After creating the first persona you have two opportunities to add new ones:

1. On the persona panel by clicking “add new persona”

2. On the board by clicking on the small persona icon above the activity card

You can change persona’s name, group and picture at any time from the actions menu. Modify the details by clicking on the description.


How To Use?

Assign the first persona to activity card by clicking on an empty avatar.

Add more personas in the card view. Reorder personas if it’s necessary.

Personas can be represented with their avatars or names on the board, or they can be hidden completely

Change your scope by showing a user related activities

Try this at home! Sing in your StoriesOnBoard Workspace

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