Useful resources for user story mapping

Updates: The latest articles about user story mapping (2019)Top 5 short articles about user story mapping (2017)Useful resources for agile business strategy mapping and content strategy mapping (2017) Short intros It’s All in How You Slice – Design your project in working layers to avoid half-baked incremental releases – Jeff Patton, 2005, the first article, where it … Read more

Real-time collaboration – What’s new in StoriesOnBoard – April 2016

We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard. This release’s biggest improvement is real-time collaboration.  Real-time collaboration Working together on the same map at the same time wasn’t the most pleasant experience in StoriesOnBoard because you always needed to refresh the board to see each other’s changes. From today, when others are making changes … Read more

Comments on cards, Slack integration, Pin top level cards – What’s new in StoriesOnBoard – December 2015

We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard. This release is focused on collaboration with comments on cards and Slack integration among others. Discussion about cards with comments and mentions You can have short discussions on cards also with mentioning other collaborators. Line-breaks can be put with Shift+Enter. Collaborators with viewer role can … Read more