8 Agile story mapping mistakes & how to avoid them

Agile Story Mapping Mistakes

User story mapping is extremely powerful.  When done well, It helps teams understand user needs, prioritize the right ideas, and collaborate more effectively. But newcomers to agile frameworks often run into a number of pitfalls that can undermine the process and deliver sub-par results. In this post, we run through the most common stumbling blocks … Read more

The new Trello Power-Up

Trello Power-Up StoriesOnBoard

We have great news. StoriesOnBoard’s Power-Up is now listed in the Trello Power-Up Directory. This will take the integration and your entire development process to a brand new level. Let’s highlight the top-notch benefits of the new feature. First things first, from now you can sync and highlight almost all the information from StoriesOnBoard on … Read more

Improve collaboration with the new board discussion

board discussion announcement

Please welcome our recent solutions for improving collaboration. Are you tired of running conversations about the product in different places? The brand new Board Discussion panel provides an effective way to discuss the backlog in general, mention backlog items or drop ideas. In addition, it connects the customers and other external stakeholders with the dev team. How … Read more

StoriesOnBoard 2.0

StoiresOnBoard 2.0

StoriesOnBoard is lightning fast now thanks to the faster board loading speed, and to top it off, everything looks nicer than ever!