5 Sources of Idea Generation for Product Development

idea generation

In today’s world where the intersection of tech advancements and user needs makes us reinvent the way we work day by day, creative ideas have become one of the most valuable things to trade and possess. Tech has hardly any limitations, allowing you to create anything at any scale almost instantly. But it all starts … Read more

How to Create Your Own User Research Repository in 4 Steps

Today almost every product team has a researcher or a user research team. These teams perform crucial functions in research and allow other parts of the company to have access to valuable user insights – mostly done through a user research repository. What’s more, they may determine or alter the primary direction of product development. … Read more

Why You Need A Feature Request Tracking System

feature request tracking

You’ve got a great product, and many ideas and feature requests, but no idea where to start organizing them. That’s why you should use a feature request tracking system that allows you to track requests from customers and prioritize them accordingly. As a user, what products do you really love? The ones that feel like … Read more

Master User Requirements with MoSCoW Prioritization Model

MoSCoW prioritization model

Contents Prioritization is key to product success Why is prioritization key in agile product development? How does the MoSCoW prioritization model work for agile product development? MoSCoW prioritization technique and agile product development Top 3 tips to master MoSCoW prioritization model Conclusion MoSCoW: prioritization is key to product success Most apps we use today look … Read more

The 7 Best Prioritization Models in Agile Product Development

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You use prioritization to make sure you get the best out of agile product development. Here are the seven best prioritization models to try. Contents Kano Model Opportunity Scoring Stack Ranking Priority Poker MoSCoW Model Cost of Delay 100 Dollar Test Which one to choose? What prioritization models are the best for agile product development? … Read more