Learn to prioritize user stories from UX designers

Prioritize user stories

Struggle with prioritizing user stories? Prioritized but later you implemented further tasks? Don’t worry, maybe you have chosen the wrong method. Projects are different, hence you should tailor planning and development processes right to the product. I read an article about a UX designer’s goals and inspired me to transform the UX designer’s goals into … Read more

How to add personas to an existing story map

To be honest several story mappers use top-level cards as persona card and visualize user steps on the second level. Can the persona feature help for those? The answer is definitely YES. No to mention that the StoriesOnboard app can do much more! So let’s roll up those sleeves and get down to creating personas. … Read more

5 formatting tips for personas

Visualizing a persona helps to better understand target audience’s behaviors. Therefore using persona feature is highly recommended. To create useful persona cards you have to fill the details with valuable information. Read more about what’s on a persona card here. After gathering all important info try to organize them into a nice-looking sheet. Here are … Read more

What’s on a persona card?

Personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns. They help you understand your customers better and build more empathy. You probably heard this definition and if you created a persona, would realize how hard to define them. Follow us in this short reading to get tips where should … Read more

Persona feature – release announcement March 2018

Search & Filter cards on board - StoriesOnBoard

After a mass request, we are very pleased to announce StoriesOnBoard’s latest release. Let us introduce your product users powered by a brand new Persona Feature. What is a persona? Persona is a fictional character, represents users who use our product in a similar way. Visualizing them on story map helps to build more empathy … Read more