When should you workout to increase your productivity?

When you ‘Google’ workout habits, you find thousands of hits about telling you the “truth” but in the end who anyone is to tell you when you should do what. This article is for helping you make this very important decision in order to benefit the most of your workout efforts.

Night owl or early bird?

That’s the first question you should find an answer for. You can easily decide it by measuring when you are the most productive. Obviously, productivity depends on many circumstances, but if you consistently measuring your performance, you will have a better idea. Toggl is a great tool to do that. Besides their web app, you can also download their application or their desktop app to always keep yourself measured. After a few month, you will have a clear result.

Single gal or family person?

If you do have a family, I don’t have to introduce you those crazy busy mornings, when you have to get your little lovely ones to school and save the World at the same time. In this case maybe doing a lunch or an evening workout might be the easier sustainable option.

Let’s go through the cos and pros of each choice.

Morning workout

You get up and by the time you properly wake up your daily exercise is already done. It sounds nice, but in reality, when your alarm goes off, it is extremely hard to get up. Why would you torture yourself right before you need your brain to function..all day? If you are not an early bird, and you often work late, maybe this option is not for you. Listen to your body.

Lunch workout

Having a break where you can restart your system seems like an excellent idea. It is for many of us, but if you have only a very limited amount of time that you can take off your busy schedule we would not recommend trying this as the whole point of working out is to get rid of stress, not to increase it. But if you do have an hour and a gym next door, a lunch workout can give you a great new start of your day.

Evening workout

You had a hard day, all you think about is to ease the pressure by lifting those weights…or not? Sometimes it is so difficult to find the motivation when our brains are already exhausted. If you want to just relax and be with your loved ones after work, maybe you should consider one the morning of the lunch workout option.

What if I don’t want to do any workout?

You can always hire a personal trainer. They will definitely help with the motivation issue 😉 Don’t forget, it is for your own productivity!


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