What’s new in StoriesOnBoard – 2015 July

We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard.

This release contains some of the most requested features from our UserVoice forum.

Most requested features

  • Custom colored cards – Cards can have 9 custom colors with special meaning attached to them.
  • Public roadmaps – Share your public roadmap and your broad audience is able to view it without getting a StoriesOnBoard account
  • Attachments to cards – Cards can have attached documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc. You can also embed pictures into the description with Markdown.
  • Markdown Extra syntax in descriptions
  • Copy and paste cards – With Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V you can copy and paste cards between story maps too (even including attachments)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac – Revised keyboard shortcuts to be conform also with Mac computers. Press the question mark on the board to get help for the new shortcuts.
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • Board activities filtered by cards
  • Higher quality image export of story maps
  • International characters caused trouble in story maps’ names
  • Story map’s name part can be changed in its url
  • Excel and image export can include archived releases
  • Choice of 2 or 3 level board view is remembered
  • Macbook’s horizontal swipe doesn’t navigate the browser back from the board
  • Excel map, PDF and image export can contain cards’ statuses
  • Sample story map can be created later
  • Integration settings crashed when a list is archived in Trello
  • Workspace members can create story maps (if workspace admin allows them to)

More details are coming on the new features in the upcoming days. Keep an eye on @storiesonboard and on our blog.

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