Product Management Is All About Collaboration and Alignment

product management is about collaboration

Shared understanding and smooth collaboration are essential in product management. Product teams that listen to each other are more likely to create high-quality, usable products that reflect real customer needs. And the one person responsible for establishing and maintaining a high level of collaboration is the product manager. The product managers’ job is to understand … Read more

Difference between Gantt Charts and Story Maps – When to use them?

What is a Gantt Chart? Gantt charts are bar charts providing a visual perspective to tasks that have been scheduled over time. They are used to plan projects of different sizes, and it helps to show the work that is scheduled for different days. Gantt charts also help users view the dates when a project … Read more

User Story Mapping Report

story mapping stats

If you’re new to story mapping, you may question if the technique is actually right for you, and wonder how other teams use it to their advantage. Since we’ve been asking all our users to tell us about their background a bit, we’ve gathered a lot of data over the years about all you story … Read more

Public Product Roadmaps: The Pros And Cons

public product roadmap

Contents Public roadmaps areā€¦ public PROS of Public Product Roadmaps CONS of Public Product Roadmaps Conclusion A strategy that more and more leading product companies follow is constantly informing key stakeholders that the development progress is going well. The last thing a company aspiring for higher user engagement should do is simply close the blinds … Read more