Useful Resources for User Story Mapping

Whether you’re completely new to story mapping or you’re close to becoming a black-belt pro, we’ve got some useful resources for user story mapping for you.

We’ve collected the top:

  • short intros
  • advanced techniques and use cases in detail
  • best story mapping tools out there.

Best places to go if you need a short intro to user story mapping

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What resources for user story mapping to read after the intros

Master your story-mapping skills

Download the Free Story Mapping Playbook

  • 50 handpicked hints
  • 100 user story examples
  • Templates for specs
  • and much more advanced materials
useful resources for story mapping - story mapping playbook

Longer (deeper) readings & videos

Practical resources for agile planning with story mapping

Top story mapping tools

Did you read anything valuable that’s not on the list? Please share it in the comments.