The new Trello Power-Up

We have great news. StoriesOnBoard’s Power-Up is now listed in the Trello Power-Up Directory. This will take the integration and your entire development process to a brand new level. Let’s highlight the top-notch benefits of the new feature.

First things first, from now you can sync and highlight almost all the information from StoriesOnBoard on a Trello card. So your dev team will see all the crucial details without leaving the Trello board.

sync card context
  • You can include the title of the top-level cards, so your team will understand the card’s context immediately (as “goal” and as “step”)
  • Want to show more details? You can add annotations and even the release name to the Trello card
  • Everything that’s highlighted on the Trello card is updated in real-time and fully customizable. So you can tailor synced information one-by-one according to your team’s needs!

And there are great things inside the Trello card as well:

  • All the above-mentioned details are included and highlighted.
  • What’s even better is that you can open all the attachments you have on the StoriesOnBoard card directly from Trello. No more missing or duplicated assets. Every single change will be updated in real-time on the Trello card. You can add, remove or change attachments while you’re working on the story map.
sync card details

Your team members have quick access to StoriesOnBoard with the direct link on the Trello card (it opens the synced card) or they can jump to the story map view.

quick link to StoriesOnBoard

On top of this, we included a brand-new estimating experience into this feature. Scrum teams can estimate items directly from Trello, without opening the story map. And of course, estimations are synced instantly.

Trello Power-Up StoriesOnBoard estimation experience

Here’s how you can enable the Power-Up:

Step 1 – Go to integration settings

step 1 - go to integration settings

Step 2 – Copy the integration ID to the clipboard

step 3 - copy integration identifier

Step 3 – Install the Power-Up

step 4 install the Power-Up

Step 4 – Paste integration ID

Step 5 – Refresh your browser and enjoy the Power-Up

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