Take collaboration to the next level – release announcement July 2018

Let us introduce our latest StoriesOnBoard features: Workspace Visible Story Maps and Share Private Link. Both features help you work more collaboratively and expand the range of contributors.

Workspace visible story maps

This feature adds even more transparency to the workspace and boosts teamwork. By changing the story map visibility to workspace visible, the board immediately opens to all members. This feature allows members to view and comment (if enabled), saving you precious time. Use this feature rather than adding team members one-by-one to a new story map. This feature is not only a technical solution! Share projects among team members to:
  • allow dev team members to leave useful comments or add valuable ideas
  • gather best practices in respective dev teams
  • engage your team through increased transparency

How does it work?

workspace visible

shareNOTE: Workspace visibility settings moved to Share menu – More sharing options tab

Share private link

Create and share your story map quickly and easily using the new share private link feature! Your stakeholders will access the story map immediately–no invitation process and no signup. Just select More sharing options on the Share button to generate a unique URL. Using this link, your contributors can open the project’s backlog without having to sign in or sign up at any time. In addition, you can revoke the private link and generate a new one! Viewers can leave comments on cards (if enabled), after filling out the short signup form.

Who should use the private link?

  • involve customers in product development (read related article)
  • invite executives to track projects
  • include your dev team to gain additional benefits

What are the main benefits of widening story map access to more project members?

  • gain a reputation for being agile and open to new requests
  • build stronger long-term relationships with customers
  • give customers an overview of the current iteration and the complete schedule plan
  • allow executives to track the current iteration using the status reports updated in real-time
  • get valuable feedback from developers who were not members of the planning team

How does it work?

Share Private Link

Additional security features for Pro Plan users:
  • Workspace admins can track private link activity
  • Private link access can be narrowed through IP range access control
In sum, both features increase productivity without raising your monthly StoriesOnBoard Budget.

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