StoriesOnBoard January 2015 release

We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard.

This release is focused on bug fixes and usability improvements.
First of all, we’d like to thank you for all the valuable feedback and your patience! Without your help we wouldn’t have been able to discover and trace down all these issues.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Unable to log in after sign up because of misinterpreted password
  • Accept invitation to story map with an existing collaborator prevents from logging in
  • Clicking twice on some buttons caused crash (sign up, save new story map, import)
  • Turning to the second page of members on manage people screen crashes
  • Dragging yellow card under own self is not forbidden and causes crashes later when the card is accessed
  • Opening StoriesOnBoard with a link to a deleted card’s details causes crash
  • Long texts are sometimes overlapping other content
  • Invitation’s email accept invitation link gets unusable in some versions of MS Outlook.
  • Estimates sometimes displayed as 8.79999 instead of 8.8
  • Ctrl-C collapses all cards (pressing only the “C” key should)
  • Warning is missing from the login screen that IE9 is not supported
  • Board activity log fixes
  • and fixes of many smaller bugs…

Improvements in this release:

  • UserVoice integration: now you can click on UserVoice’s question mark on the bottom right corner to ask for help, give feedback or share your ideas about StoriesOnBoard.
  • Major speed improvements on the board and the workspace dashboard
  • IE10+ is now supported
  • “Increase work area” now makes the browser go full screen
  • Close card details dialog with the enter key (esc key is also working but it makes some browsers leave full screen mode)
  • Improved readability of cards’ titles and descriptions in smaller zoom levels
  • Browsers window title now contains the opened Storymap’s name
  • Close a popup by clicking anywhere outside of it
  • Keyboard shortcuts help is now reachable under the “…” menu on the board
  • Keyboard shortcuts now should work properly on international keyboards too

What’s next

Right now we are testing integration with JIRA and Trello! We expect to release it in early February.

Here’s how we planned to work with JIRA and Trello:

  1. The team/product owner/customer is planning in StoriesOnBoard. They are brainstorming, coming up with ideas, putting them onto the board
    1. in the unscheduled task if it’s just a fuzzy idea
    2. or in a distant release if they think it’s needed but not so important at the moment
    3. or in the next release if it’s a must
      They take notes of their ideas in the descriptions to help them remember later what they thought about.
  2. On a sprint/release planning session the team selects and discusses the most important stories and moves them into the next release. For the selected stories they (or the customer or a business analyst) identify acceptance criteria, write high level specification (only with the details that’s needed to understand the requirements).
  3. When the team begins their work on the release, the Product Owner sends the stories into JIRA/Trello (all of them, or just the specified ones). Issues/Cards automatically created in JIRA /Trello with the title and the description taken from StoriesOnBoard.
  4. The team is working on the release: discussing the specifications, modify/complete them if needed in JIRA/Trello, update the issue’s statuses in JIRA/Trello and they automatically get refreshed in StoriesOnBoard too.
  5. While they are working on the release they can always have an overview of how the release is progressing in StoriesOnBoard. They can select new stories into the current release or defer some to latter releases. If they have new ideas then they can put those also onto the board to the appropriate release. These are not reflected in JIRA or Trello till the Product owner is not sending them.
  6. When they are finished with the release (all the tasks set to done in JIRA/Trello), they archive the release in StoriesOnBoard, so it disappears from the board with all it’s stories.
  7. Repeat with step 2.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts about how would it fit into your workflow. You can leave comments this UserVoice idea.

Also on our product roadmap (for latter releases):

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Pin first two level cards on the board
  • Colored labels for cards

All these and others can be voted and commented on our UserVoice forum.
We’d like to improve StoriesOnBoard to better help you in your everyday job so please share your ideas on this forum.

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