We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard.

The October release is focused on import and export features.
From now on you are able to …

  • Create story map from your flat backlog by importing it from a spreadsheet
  • Export your story map into a spreadsheet as a backlog or even as a map!
  • Export your story map as jpeg image or printable pdf
  • Create a copy of your story map

 Import your backlog from spreadsheet

  1. Use a spreadsheet similar to this one:

    Product backlog spreadsheet
    Download the example spreadsheet here: backlog-example.xlsx

  2. Create a new story map by importing the spreadsheet
    New story map - import options
  3. Save and open the story map
    Imported storymap


Export your story map into …

Story map export options


Storymap exported as a backlog in spreadsheet
Download the exported backlog sample here: exported_backlog.xlsx

Story map in a spreadsheet

Storymap exported as a map in spreadsheet
Download the exported map sample here: exported_map.xlsx

JPEG image

Storymap exported as a JPEG image

Printable PDF document

Storymap exported as a PDF document
Download the exported PDF sample here: exported-storymap.pdf

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Important known issues in this release:

  • Unfortunately we have stability issues with Internet Explorer on the board. Please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari till the bugs aren’t fixed. Thanks for reporting it, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues using StoriesOnBoard on feedback@storiesonboard.com or as a comment to this post.


Comment by Will

Hi there, thanks for adding this feature. I have an existing board which I have invited some of the team to view and contribute. I have exported to excel and now want to re-upload any changes - from the documentation I can see, it is only possible to import on a new board, not existing. Unfortunately this would mean deleting my old one and having to re-invite the people of the old board. Will you be considering to add import on existing? Thanks, Will

Comment by Arpi

Hi Will,
May I ask why do you need to edit the board in excel? What's missing from StoriesOnBoard that prevents you from using it in your case? Maybe we could find a better solution than exporting and importing the board.

Comment by Will

Hi Arpi,

Thanks for coming back to me. Sure, the main reason being that on your tool, I use the storycard title as a short summary of the story - this is so you can get a clear understanding whilst browsing the board. When you click into the card, In the notes section I put the full user story (As a: Customer...... I Need: xxxxx) then below this, i'll put the acceptance criteria/definition of done.

The issue being that when you export, the notes cell is very long and difficult to use - making it unsuitable to send to colleagues who you do not necessarily want having access to your storyboard.

To overcome this I use a rather manual work around - I currently export the board, split the notes cell using an excel function and then send onwards. The reason I edit it in excel as it is easier to work with when this information is split out from one another.

Have you considered effectively two 'Notes' boxes or the ability for the user to add more note boxes as required? This would make the export more usable (for me atleast!). And make it easier/clearer to edit within the tool.



Comment by Andriy

Well, it turns me back on board :)