What’s On a Persona Card?

Persona card

What Is a User Persona Card? User persona cards help you understand your customers better and build more empathy. User personas or simply personas are fictional, generalized characters that encompass the various needs, goals, and observed user behavior patterns. User personas help the product manager and other members of the product team to understand the … Read more

Product Rediscovery With Story Mapping

product rediscovery

In the previous parts, we introduced how Trello and StoriesOnBoard work together in an agile workflow. You got insights about a new product’s development and got hints and tricks about establishing this workflow in a running project. Previous articles highlighted the opportunity for product rediscovery but didn’t expound on the topic. Follow us in this … Read more

5 Awesome Brainstorming Techniques to Boost Planning

brainstorming technique

A well-selected brainstorming improves agile planning. The efficiency of brainstorming depends on the following facts. Team’s knowledge about users and the production Skills of the facilitator Brainstorming techniques Common brainstorming, silent brainstorming, and group brainstorming are the most popular brainstorming techniques. You can find many articles about these well-known brainstorming techniques on the web, but … Read more