Organize your story maps into folders!

We are very pleased to announce the latest release of StoriesOnBoard. If you often find yourself lost on your dashboard, this release is for you. The most important addition of this release is the collections. This feature helps teams to organize and navigate to story maps easier than ever. Also in this release: Boost your planning process by managing releases directly from the board with drag & drop and save time in finding your maps with the brand new search console.


If you work on several projects or with multiple clients, you probably had too many story maps to deal with on the previous dashboard with the flat list of maps. Organize your maps into collections and you’ll find the right map much faster when you need it.

  • add new collections right in the “Create new story map” menu or
  • create later by using the dashboard’s Manage / Story map collections menu
  • add and remove story maps to or from a collection
  • move a story map into another collection with one click in the Manage / Story maps menu

Collections are designed for larger teams thus they are available only in the Standard and Pro plans.

Search maps

A brand new search console has been developed for opening the maps much quicker

  • search and open a map by typing its name, pressing one tab and enter
  • browse all the maps at once in a tree of the following categories: favorites, recent maps, collections,
  • pin the search console if this way of navigation works better for you

As an addition to the old dashboard, you can order the maps by their creation date, last opening date or by their name.


Freshly improved release management lets you add, move or delete releases right on the story map:

  • insert new release below an existing one
  • reorder releases by dag & drop or using the release’s menu

Manage people

Workspace admins who are often having a hard time managing workspace members will love the following improvements:

  • filter team members by their roles
  • search for people by their name or email address
  • re-send multiple invitations with one click

Improved board activities panel

You can hide your activities from the board activity panel to see how others made changes to the board. This function can be activated using the thick box on the board.

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October 2017

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