How to embed user story maps in Confluence documentation

confluence documentation story map embedding

Our new Confluence integration is meant to make creating documentation way less painless for all JIRA users. Enrich documentation by embedding user story maps and story cards into your Confluence documents. Benefit from painless workflow and instant shared understanding. Follow these 5 simple steps and make your documentation visual. Step 1 – Log into Confluence … Read more

How To Visualize Personas and Journeys – Tag, Like A Pro PART2

How to visualize personas and journeys on a story map - StoriesOnBoard

In the previous part, I wrote about how to label user stories with emoji icons to identify different tasks and priority levels. It’s just the top of the iceberg. The next awesome opportunity to use labels is visualizing buyer personas and journeys. In a user-centered world, you can’t miss the buyer persona out of the … Read more

How To Label User Stories – Tag Like A Pro PART 1

How to label user stories - StoriesOnBoard

Although card colors and also personas serve a great opportunity to add more visuality to your user stories, it’s often not enough. We got tons of requests on UserVoice to add colors, add secondary label options. StoriesOnBoard’s Support Team made up cool solutions for several questions. For example, how to visualize user journeys, sub-personas, how … Read more

How to add personas to an existing story map

To be honest several story mappers use top-level cards as persona card and visualize user steps on the second level. Can the persona feature help for those? The answer is definitely YES. No to mention that the StoriesOnboard app can do much more! So let’s roll up those sleeves and get down to creating personas. … Read more

5 formatting tips for personas

Visualizing a persona helps to better understand target audience’s behaviors. Therefore using persona feature is highly recommended. To create useful persona cards you have to fill the details with valuable information. Read more about what’s on a persona card here. After gathering all important info try to organize them into a nice-looking sheet. Here are … Read more