Useful resources for agile business strategy mapping and content strategy mapping

User story mapping originally designed for software developers, but it is very helpful in other branches as strategy mapping. Jordan Ryan and his teammate Leiloni De Gruy wrote several articles on Facet Interactive Blog. We loved these useful resources and now it’s time to share them.

Business strategy mapping and content strategy mappingJordan Ryan – How to craft agile business plans with business strategy mapping

Teaser: With a 2-D business strategy map, the visual layout of the map lends itself to where executives can direct their focus. Moreover, a written business plan usually projects so far ahead, the business strategies become stale and dated. Executive teams carrying out these old campaigns end up falling behind in marketplace evolution and misfiring at consumers whose behaviors have changed. Business strategy maps mitigate these risks. These 2-D maps give executive teams a visual reference to your business plans. Your strategies become alive, and you can see across the map how each one of your business strategies will be deployed, what business initiatives they are tied to, and what results should occur along the way. Read more…


Business strategy mapping and content strategy mapping

Leiloni De Gruy – How we built a content strategy story map for backdrop CMS

Teaser: A content strategy map offers Backdrop CMS a live, visual document that lays out everything on an organized 2-D surface.

  • Stakeholders are clear on the direction of Backdrop’s content strategy, as it demonstrates how they plan to reach customers, and
  • People can intuitively understand where they fit in or contribute.

Contributors can even suggest new areas of content strategy for further discussion. Because the map is flexible, it can freely open up to community input. If the idea doesn’t fit into one of the columns on the map, they can dialogue around whether the idea warrants a new business initiative, a new epic under an existing business initiative, or whether it is not worth pursuing. Read more…


Business strategy mapping and content strategy mappingJordan Ryan – Agile content marketing with content strategy mapping

Teaser: Too often, business owners fall back on a common misconception: “Content creation is easy. Simply choose a topic you think will hit home with your target audience and write about it.”

The problem here is creating engaging content your customers find valuable, and also driving results on your bottom line, is not that simple. You need a plan and a guide for how those content assets are drive business initiatives forward and engage customers to the point of conversion.

“But we have an editorial calendar?” Your calendar simply measures how often you post—it doesn’t give you insight into the type of content you produce, how that content ties to business initiatives and where you have gaps in focus. Content Strategy Maps give us a two-dimensional view of all our content pieces and how they tie to our key business goals, as well as our customer’s needs. With this focus we are able to deliver on customer needs, answer the right questions and make better decisions for which content pieces we need to prioritize. Read more…


Business strategy mapping and content strategy mapping

Jordan Ryan –  How to leverage digital strategy mapping for agile marketing

Teaser: Digital strategies were traditionally built out and locked away in documents. Since they are so extensive, they often boil down to nothing more than text on lots of pages, making it hard to easily thumb through when marketing teams are in the midst of deploying strategies. The inability to see the whole picture of the digital strategy—and drill down to the detail level all in one document—leads to inconsistent strategies that underperform. Read more…


Business strategy mapping and content strategy mappingJordan Ryan – Account-based customer profiles with organza story mapping

Teaser: When you’re working with an organization (orgonza), they will have much different pains and traverse a much different journey than an employee working within the organization  (persona). It is a greater uphill battle. An organization is not pressed into action easily. The product or service they choose must effectively resolve their deepest pains and the source of it, and be able to do so for a set price—hey, they’re businessman, they have to think of their bottom line! If your product cannot do those things well, you will have wasted time, money and other resources deploying marketing strategies that ultimately drive you no closer to a sale or better relationship with the company. This is why we use Orgonza Story Maps for our clients. Read more… 

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