How to boost your team’s brainstorming skill by learning from Hackathons

In this post, you’ll get a tip, how to manage effectively your team’s brainstorming skills learning from hackathons. Has it ever happened to you that you really needed to get things done in a short period? What a question, right? As a project manager, I bet that you face situations like this every day. As a project leader, you and your team need to have the skills to prioritize and find the easiest solutions to solve problems. According to Vince Lombardi ‘Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.’ So if you want to train your team right, you have to create the perfect scenario, a matching environment to a real-life situation. When someone is talking about hackathons, people think about big events where you are in a team and the goal is to create an MVP in the shortest time possible. It can be that, which is awesome, but you can adopt the same technique and create a great in-da-house hack day for your own team.
What do you need for that?
You need to have a clear idea of what should be the goal of the event. Is it a new feature of your app? Is it to make your website faster by 0.3ms? Keep it in mind that such events should not take longer than one or two days, so the goal should be realistic, but more importantly achievable to give a big win to your team! As a leader, you are not only making the sure meet deadline but also keeping them motivated.
Brainstorming and planning
StoriesOnBoard is the perfect tool for brainstorming and planning this or any project. It helps you to see the big picture, makes you structure your thoughts and does not let you get lost in details. Remember, time is essential when you are organizing a hackathon. It also allows you to collaborate with your team, so everyone can see the process and can give better ideas during the brainstorming process. Teamwork at its best!
Put your team in motion
Once you have your plan ready, you can import the task lists to Jira or to Trello to put things in motion. Everyone will know what they have to do without briefing them again, or if they have tasks related to another person’s duties. Don’t forget, this event is to practice problem-solving as fast as possible and having software as a middleman can ease the process. Hack events are not only about working and innovation but also about team building and fun! We suggest providing enough pizza, coffee, and beers! Yes, beers. The point of the gathering is obviously not getting drunk, but to hit the “Ballmer Peak” and also it can help to create a friendlier environment.

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