Improve collaboration with the new board discussion

Please welcome our recent solutions for improving collaboration. Are you tired of running conversations about the product in different places? The brand new Board Discussion panel provides an effective way to discuss the backlog in general, mention backlog items or drop ideas. In addition, it connects the customers and other external stakeholders with the dev team.

How to use it?

board discussion panel
  • leave behind the pile of emails and invite customers to the backlog
  • collect ideas and feedback without flooding the map
  • use mentions to keep stakeholders notified,  
    “we just set up the next iteration, jump in and check the new features”
  • link cards to control the team, 
    “hey team, please estimate the following stories: <link>, <link>, <link>”

Boost & follow the conversation in four steps!

step 1 invite stakeholders

STEP 1 – invite stakeholders

Send invitation via email, or share a private link to grant access to the backlog.

step 2 onboard stakeholders

STEP 2 – ask them to join the discussion

Onboard stakeholders using the “about this board” panel.

step 3 mention stakeholders

STEP 3 – facilitate discussion

Use mentions facilitating discussions. Encourage others to leave feedback and drop ideas.

STEP 4 – follow the conversation by team chat integration

Connect the backlog to a Slack channel and keep your eyes on changes.

Pay attention to set up the right amount of notifications. Don’t let the channel flooded.

What’s more?

mention yourself

Leave yourself a short note without breaking the meeting

Good ideas can come from anywhere and at any time. Especially in the middle of the roadmap presentation or during refinement meeting. Use the “@me“ (or “@yourname”) mention to preserve your thoughts without breaking the session. Don’t interrupt a fruitful brainstorming, mention yourself in the same way.

“@me check this story again”
“@me this story should be splitted”
“@me ask the finance the review this payment form”

Minor improvements

  • insert emojis into comments handily
  • enhanced actions menu on the comments
  • improved “about this board” panel
  • easy filter annotations
  • editable annotation icon

Try this at home! Sing in your StoriesOnBoard Workspace

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