Learn to Prioritize User Stories From UX Designers

Prioritize user stories

Struggle with prioritizing user stories? Prioritized but later you implemented further tasks? Don’t worry, maybe you have chosen the wrong method. Projects are different, hence you should tailor planning and development processes right to the product. I read an article about a UX designer’s goals which inspired me to transform the UX designer’s goals into … Read more

5 Awesome Brainstorming Techniques to Boost Planning

A well-selected brainstorming improves agile planning. The efficiency of brainstorming depends on the following facts. Team’s knowledge about users and the production Skills of the facilitator Brainstorming techniques Common brainstorming, silent brainstorming, and group brainstorming are the most popular brainstorming techniques. You can find many articles about these well-known brainstorming techniques on the web, but … Read more