7 Ways Scrum Will Change Your Workplace in No Time

If there is one thing that can massively change your workplace, it’s Scrum. Your Scrum team members’ performance matters a lot, and most of this is down to excellent communication between them.

Having strong communication is extremely important if there is going to be any success from the Scrum team and if there will be any changes in your organization. That is why you must have the right strategies to improve your team’s communication. Scrum is like a team sport with high intensity, and building a strong team depends a lot on communication.

Invariably, poor communication or a lack of it means the team will break apart and fail to succeed. If you already have a broken communication within your team, you need to act very fast and put the right communication strategies in place.

The Scrum Master has to be the first to notice the conditions prevalent among the Scrum team members. Whether the communication is good or not, they need to know that first.

Whatever the case is, it will be a mistake to let it slide. Excellent communication comes first, and this requires a proper framework to work.

Proven Strategies for Improving Communication Within the Scrum Team

Here are seven strategies that have proven to help boost communication within your Scrum team and ultimately change your workplace in no time.

Improve Transparency

One thing that acts as a barrier to active communication is the absence of transparency of information and artifacts. You need to identify the information or artifacts lacking in openness and try to improve them. Once there is transparency, it is easier to build the context for better communication while also enabling a quick decision-making process.

You have to encourage members of your team and promote and practice transparency. Also, let them see them the example of transparency. They get better encouragement, which is beneficial to your team.

Facilitate Interactions

It would help if you observed the cause of restrictions on any interactions. It would be best if you designed your meetings’ environment to allow your team members to interact face to face.

According to best essay writing, your preference, quoting from the Agile Manifesto, is to put people and interactions first before tools and processes.

If you see that one communication method or tool that you employ does not allow more interactions among your team members, what will you do?

The first thing you can do is stop using that method for a short period – maybe a week. Then try to see if there are any improvements in the interactions.

The next thing to do is to look for approaches that allow better interactions between your team members.

Make sure there is clarity.

Communicating with clarity is very important and correlates directly to your Scrum team being successful. This means that you have to make sure your team members understand the basic rules of Scrum.

Everyone has to be clear about what their likes and responsibilities are within the team. They also need to know the team’s Sprint capacity, the problem at hand, its scope, and how to solve it. They also have to be clear on the critical dates that relate to the product’s success, purpose, the feedback of the customers, other action items that they need to get from Sprint Retrospective, etc. This ensures that everyone in the team takes ownership of their results as a team.

Create an environment of trust

When there is no trust among people working together, there will be no openness, and communication will be poor or nonexistent. All of these are ingredients to the failure of the Scrum team. All the improvements in processes won’t matter at all if there’s no trust.

If your team members do not find it comfortable to speak to themselves, you need to find out why. Be sure that you create an open environment so that people are safe enough to ask questions and talk about their ideas without feeling that they will be judged.

According to research paper writing services, it takes a consistent effort from every member of the team. But you have to teach your team members to be truthful, responsible, and consistent enough to build trust.

Building trust is quite slow; however, it requires everyone to behave with high-level consistency. Once you are able to build that trust, the results are very far-reaching.

If you can improve transparency while also using whiteboards to facilitate face to face interactions, trust levels will start to rise within your workplace.

Create unity with purpose

People do not have so much motivation to work when they aren’t excited about working and don’t know why they have to do work. This will affect their full participation, and they become disengaged. Employees or team members in this state are usually very passive in communication.

This is why it is essential to create your team based on the purpose at hand. This makes the work easier and also has long term effects.

Your team members need to know what purpose is driving the organization and the product. It is not a crime if you have to remind everybody in your team of the singular goal that you have that’s driving you.

You also have to make sure that all members of your team can relate directly to a customer.

Understanding how your product works impacts the customers a lot motivates both customer and team members and brings in long-term rewards.

Use non-violent communication

There are some basic human needs that you need to understand.

  • Psychological nurturance: shelter, exercise, food, rest, touch, sex.
  • Safety; the ability to show one’s self without having to fear any negative consequences.
  • Interdependence: appreciation, acceptance, community, safety, enriching life, empathy, respect, love, honesty, support, understanding, and trust.
  • Freedom: the ability of a person to choose and pursue their goal, plans, and values.
  • Celebration: life creation, fulfilled goals, a celebration of losses, and wins.

But if it is impossible to meet these basic needs, people tend to feel threatened. In this condition, the brain does not logically think as Amygdala takes over the brain’s function. These people tend to communicate competitively, judge, diagnose, and demand.

So, it is your responsibility to teach all your team members to use Non-violent communication.

Use visual communication

Many miscommunications are because what the listener is hearing is not what the speaker is saying. Then there is no understanding between both parties.  In contrast, there are times that the speaker cannot articulate themselves well enough for other people to understand. As you’d expect, the listener fails to understand them.

A great way to bridge this communication gap is to use visual communication tools. Whiteboards, graphic notes, sketch-notes, flip charts, etc. help enhance communication richness because they discuss a context similar to the current tasks and make the ideas easy to visualize. With these visual aids, it is easy to discuss with team members and ensure that decision making is quick. 

It is an investment with low cost and high ROI. Give your team members plenty of erasers and dry erase markers. Make the meeting both formal and informal while using flip charts and whiteboards.

Having two developers discussing and drawing their design on a whiteboard should be something that you all get familiar with.

This way, everyone has an understanding of what’s going on as they are carried along.


Scrum can change the way things are done in your workplace, with everyone on board. Ensuring that there is good communication between all team members can get works done more comfortably and faster. Ensuring transparency, interaction, trust, purpose, and a sense of unity within your employees and team members is bound to increase everyone’s productivity.

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