Shared understanding with developers

shared understanding with the developers

As a Product Owner or Business Analyst, you want to make sure that your customers’ needs are carried through to your developers as accurately as possible. I hope, I’m just wasting time explaining why this is critically important. Remember the gossiping game you played in school with your friends? Remember how everyone laughed when a … Read more

User story mapping revealed Starbucks’ little secret

starbucks story mapping

If you’re in charge of delivering a great product for your client, the first thing you want to get sorted out is getting to know your client’s needs inside and out. You need to be familiar with their industry, understand their way of thinking, discover their problem, and get in their mindset way before writing … Read more

8 Agile story mapping mistakes & how to avoid them

Agile Story Mapping Mistakes

User story mapping is extremely powerful.  When done well, It helps teams understand user needs, prioritize the right ideas, and collaborate more effectively. But newcomers to agile frameworks often run into a number of pitfalls that can undermine the process and deliver sub-par results. In this post, we run through the most common stumbling blocks … Read more