10 Product Management Podcasts To Inject Inspiration Into Your Day

Finding creative solutions to product management problems is vital at every step of the product journey. By filling your downtime with product management podcasts you’ll discover new tricks to streamline your product’s creation and success. From investment to scaling, every challenge is covered in these podcasts. Pop in the earbuds and listen up.

how I built this product management podcast
Make sure to check out our favourite episode was with the Atlassian founders (Image source: NPR)

1) How I Built This

Now into well over three hundred episodes, How I Built This offers a rich vein of product management information to be mined. NPR has become a one-stop shop for quality podcasts so you know that this show, exploring product management with industry leaders. this podcast will be packed full of insight and information.

masters of scale product management podcast
We loved the episodes about Canva, Shopify and Salesforce (Image source: mastersofscale.com)

2) Masters Of Scale

Hosted by Reid Hoffman, whose sparkling career includes co-founding LinkedIn, Masters of Scale is one of the best product management podcasts on offer. “By focusing on how organizations were able to find growth through successful pathways, scaling up their business into global giants, this podcast is for truly ambitious product managers,” says Martha Cauthen, an expert at OXEssays and UKWritings. Think big.

the product podcast with product managers
This one is a deep dive by Apple since Product Managers, not founders talk about products (image source: Apple Podcasts)

3) The Product Podcast

By featuring working product managers from global giants such as Uber and Microsoft, this podcast gives you an insight into those who are at the top of the industry. The success of these individuals is something to strive for. Moreover, their creative and innovative solutions can be implemented at every step along the product journey.

product hunt product management podcast
The startup page of many aspiring Product Managers also has a podcast. Do we need to say more? (image source: Product Hunt)

4) Product Hunt Radio

Hosts Abadesi Osunade and Ryan Hoover bring guests from every part of the product management world to this podcast. Thanks to the hosts insightful questioning, each episode reveals valuable tricks and tips for aspiring PMs out there. By covering a range of perspectives, entrepreneurs, investors and product managers all have something to gain from this podcast.

this is product management podcast
User research, experimentation, PM’s life hack – all in one place (image source: Feedback Loop)

5) This Is Product Management

Mike Fishbein’s product management podcast strives to tell it like it is. Unique on this list because it not only provides the listener with applicable advice, it also explores how product management can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming career. By exploring ways of dealing with career stress and other psychological challenges of product management, you’ll be able to strive towards greater success.

startup product management podcast
Stay tuned on what other innovative teams are up to with Jason Calacanis (image source: Soundcloud)

6) This Week In Startups

The creativity and innovation of startups is boundless, but it can be hard to keep track of what’s going on. This Week In Startup is your one-stop roundup of product startups, helping you map the landscape as well as pick up some tips and tricks along the way. Everything from investment to measuring metrics gets covered in detail with up to date ideas, making this an essential show for product managers.

the 100 pm product management podcast
Gather expert tips from Suzanne Abate’s 100 PMs podcast (image source: the100pm)

7) 100 Product Managers

This podcast emerged from Suzanne Abate’s impressive website and as a product designer Abate has years of experience bringing products from inception to completion. On the podcast, Abate hosts a different product manager each week, covering a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives and always probing their working habits. Abate’s website is a great resource from product managers and her podcast is fast becoming a goldmine for product ideas.

Read her guest post on our blog on how to plan product releases with user story mapping.

product management podcast rocketship fm
Already on season 10 this podcast focuses on the best of the tech world (image source: Rocketship FM)

8) Rocketship FM

This podcast runs the gamut of product management topics, leaving no stone unturned. Recent episodes have gone in-depth into finding funding for products and how to grow, using real-world examples of products that have found success. Essentially, it’s an inspiring format that shows product managers just what they can achieve with the right mindset.

scrum master agile product management podcast
Get our daily dose of agile tips with this podcast podcast for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches (image source: Scrum Master Toolbox)

9) The Scrum Master Toolbox

“If you’re working within the Agile discourse then this podcast will keep you abreast with the latest developments in this fast-moving world,” says Steven Miller, a product manager at Assignment Help and Revieweal. “Weekly episodes, hosted by Agile coach Vasco Duarte, are always enlightening.”

product love podcast
Why are some products so loveable and others so hateful? This podcast wants to provide answers to that question (image source: Podtail)

10) Product Love

Eric Boduch founded Pendo in 2013 as a platform to help product managers streamline the product journey. It’s grown since then into a vast resource for anyone bringing products to market. The accompanying podcast now has hundreds of episodes covering every topic with Boduch’s characteristic insight.

Wrapping Up

Most importantly, podcasts are a fantastic way to bolster your product management knowledge and access a range of perspectives. The creative hosts and guests on these podcasts have so much experience in every aspect of product management that you can’t fail to learn something from each episode. In this challenging career path, these podcasts will guide you on your product management journey.

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