We are pleased to announce a new release of StoriesOnBoard. This release is focused on collaboration with comments on cards and Slack integration among others.

Discussion about cards with comments and mentions

You can have short discussions on cards also with mentioning other collaborators. Line-breaks can be put with Shift+Enter. Collaborators with viewer role can also comment the cards if “Viewers can comment on cards” option is enabled in board settings.

comments on cards

Mentioned collaborators will get a notification about the comment in email and also on the board.

board notification

Integration with team chat tools

Your team can get notification about changes on the board in Slack, FlowDock or HipChat.

setup slack integration

When the connection is set up successfully, you’ll get an initial notification about that in the connected tool.

slack notifications

Pin top level cards and releases

This was one of our most requested features and finally it’s here :)

Release labels are always staying visible on the left, but pinning of the top two rows can be turned off in the board’s menu.

board menu unpin

Improved keyboard shortcuts

Now you can unschedule or push the selected card to a connected issue tracker with the keyboard and open an issue in the issue tracker with an Alt + Click. Get help on all the available shortcuts with the question mark on the keyboard.

keyboard shortcuts

Issue Tracker Integration improvements

Archived cards are ignored when importing from Trello and closed issues can be excluded from JIRA import if this option is enabled in the board’s integration settings. Importing stories from Pivotal Tracker can be filtered by the stories’ statuses.

Pivotal Tracker import statuses

Favorite Story maps

If there are many maps in your workspace, but you usually work with only a few, you can favorite those. Favorite maps are appearing first in the list of maps.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Cards can be pushed to issue trackers or opened their issue tracker page from the card details window
  • More than 100 cards can be imported from Pivotal Tracker now
  • Quick Markdown formatting help can be opened when editing the card’s details
  • Improved speed on large maps
  • Login and signup form didn’t allow upper case letters in email addresses
  • Moving card selection now works properly in full screen mode on the board
  • Subscribe to newsletter option wasn’t saved
  • Cyrillic characters in the exported PDF appeared as question marks
  • Wrong dates were displayed on some places for events


Comment by Sale

Favorite maps and quick markdown help are great small improvements that make my life easier!
Keep up the good work.

Comment by Arpi

Thanks for letting us know Sale!

Comment by Dennis Grady

For those of us who are unfamiliar with this, exactly how do you establish the integration?

Dennis Grady
Comment by Mike

The static top row is a huge improvement - well done!

I haven't looked at any of the other features - I look forward to trying them out and offering some feedback.

Comment by Paul

I suspect the source of Dennis' question is that unless you're an admin on the board you don't get the "Board settings" menu item. This is a little unclear and confusing.

Comment by Arpi

Thanks for the feedback Mike and Paul!
Paul, yes, only admins can set up integration with team chat systems.

Comment by Matthew Burke

The static top row and release name is the best feature yet!

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