How to manage your remote team efficiently

Every year, there are more and more companies who realize that having their team working in their offices won’t make them more efficient. For this reason, nowadays having a remote team is not the exception anymore that proves the rule. In theory, it sounds like a dream, but it still has its challenges.

Here are a few tips, how you can keep track of your team’s progress without being too pushy.

Daily standups

This practice takes only 5-10 minutes depending on your team’s size but makes an enormous difference. It keeps you updated on their daily progress while making them focus more on what they have to achieve. Daily standups also help to communicate more effectively as if you see that a colleague was supposed to finish a task already, but for some reason, she or he can’t progress, these blockages can be addressed faster.


You have the assets, now it is time to activate them! A good brainstorming session has two main side effects: business and motivation boost (
On StoriesOnBoard, you can easily run your brainstorming sessions remotely, as you can invite your colleagues to collaborate.

Task management

There are many amazing project management tools out there, such as Trello, Pivotal Tracker or Asana. It is your call to make which one fits your needs the best. One important thing though is, whenever you have someone new in your team, make sure to explain your structure, your processes and some basic rules about how your company uses these tools. With Trello, you can also integrate Toggl to measure efficiency. Wouldn’t it be great to know how your new colleague is performing?


You have probably heard about Maslow’s hierarchy. There are the basic needs, such as physiological, safety, but what really makes a person stay at a company is the next levels: belonging and esteem. Distance does not make it impossible to show respect and acknowledge achievement.

What are your tips to use the best your remote assets?

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