How to keep your remote team motivated?

If you have ever been in a long distance relationship, you will have an idea how it feels, working from different locations, sometimes in different time zones. You need to learn how to keep the rapport between you and your colleagues.

Where this whole thing going?

You have probably heard this sentence before. Where is this relationship going? Your team is asking the same question. It is easier to stay focused when you clearly see the end goal. Storiesonboard can help you to plan the process and you can even share it with your whole group.

You do care

It is important to show how much you actually care. By caring I mean listening what your team suggests, organizing brainstorming meetings where they can share their thoughts, ideas. We know that it might be challenging if you are not at the same place, but lucky for you, with our solution you can travel distance in no time, everyone can collaborate.

Team building

Even though during the year, you don’t breath the same air in and out, but there is nothing stopping you from organizing a full week or at least a few days event with your crew. It gives you the chance to catch up and also make those bonds deeper. What matters the most is how much quality time you spend together, not its quantity. Sounds familiar, right?

Your team deserves it

Appreciation and respect are key to a flourishing relationship. There are many ways you can show it. I am not suggesting to double your team’s salaries, but I do suggest to ask how they are doing, let them actually give you an answer, remember, then on the next call you can check with them if Pete managed to pass that karate exam. It seems like nothing to you, but personal life does affect professional performance as well.

The more you understand what is going on after 6 pm, the better you can handle work situations. You will better know whether it is the right time to push for more or you should take a step back and let one of two things slide. Buying a bottle of something for Christmas is also an excellent idea to let them know, you are not just their boss, you are a leader.

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