StoriesOnBoard has an impressive status report feature to track current iterations. After estimating user stories, your customer can follow the dev work. Status reports are updated in real-time and available for all Story Map collaborators.


Experienced story mappers insist on the importance of delivering “early and often,” but what exactly does this mean? Short iterations allow you to react to changes as soon as possible and present a dependable, stable product which is constantly improving, building trust in product users.


Backlogs aren’t carved in stone and are not meant to strictly schedule the entire development project. Story Maps are alive and evolving! Once a product is launched, user feedback and requests must be assessed and new ideas must be implemented; otherwise, users slip away and the product usage levels remain low. To avoid this, make … Read more


Get the most value by inviting partners at the beginning of the project. Grab the lead by using presenter mode in a remote co-designing session; each online user will be able to follow everything you do on the map. Follow the natural flow of story mapping while interviewing your customers about the goals and the … Read more