How to find your optimal number of working hours

We often get distracted by colleagues, an email or an unexpected notification on our mobile phone. Because of these distractions & many more, even though we spend a significant amount of time at our workplace, there are days when all we end up accomplishing is completing the single task at the top of your to-do … Read more

How to keep your remote team motivated?

If you have ever been in a long distance relationship, you will have an idea how it feels, working from different locations, sometimes in different time zones. You need to learn how to keep the rapport between you and your colleagues. Where this whole thing going? You have probably heard this sentence before. Where is … Read more

When should you workout to increase your productivity?

increase your productivity

When you ‘Google’ workout habits, you find thousands of hits about telling you the “truth” but in the end who anyone is to tell you when you should do what. This article is for helping you make this very important decision in order to benefit the most of your workout efforts. Night owl or early … Read more

Impress your new boss with your PM skills

Impress your new boss with your PM skills

Nowadays if you wish to have the job of your dreams as a project manager, you have to have great organisational skills, be able to walk on water and do any other number of other miracles whenever the situation requires it. A great PM has a problem solving magic want. But how can you develop … Read more