Introducing StoriesOnBoard 2.0

Let us introduce our latest announcement. With so many improvements and new features, we’re calling it StoriesOnBoard 2.0

StoriesOnBoard has never been so fast

First things first, StoriesOnBoard is lightning fast now thanks to the faster board loading speed. The new engine makes a massive impact, especially on larger story maps. Likewise, we worked hard to make navigation faster and smoother during story mapping. The new zoom helps you change focus easily and immediately, and the panned scrolling (SPACE + mouse drag) makes navigation faster.

…and to top it off, everything looks nicer than ever!

What’s new?

The new story map navigation bar is now loaded with powerful features. The enhanced profile menu is now easily accessible from the toolbar. So you can see your role and manage your settings at any time while you’re working on the story map. Moreover, you’ll find useful links to Helpcenter, support or your admin.

improved profile menu

Ran out of labels? No worries. We added new colors and you can write longer label names. Choose “transparent color” card to write notes and annotations right on the board or just leave them empty to express priority order or inner schedule.

If you’ve ever struggled with the limited space of card title, then the next feature is for you! It’s time to write longer visible user stories! Activate “adaptive zoom” in the top menu to visualize double-size content on the cards.

adaptive zoom

Change scope seamlessly and focus on what matters with the new collapse/expand menu. Collapsed items are summarized on top-level cards.

expand collapse menu

What’s even better?

We’re working hard to make the release swimlane more informative and useful. From now on it doesn’t just aggregate estimations but keeps you informed about unestimated cards. Click on the notification to see unestimated elements. Besides these, you can collapse and expand the release by clicking anywhere on the swimlane.

improved release swimlane

Scheduling a user story has never been easier. You can move items among releases when the card is opened by clicking on its details. Are you struggling with moving cards on large maps? There is a better solution than drag and drop. Cut (CTRL + X) and paste a card wherever you need it. (Both CTRL and Command keys work on Mac)

scheduling user stories

Attaching prototypes or screenshots is now more accessible. You can add them as attachments directly from the clipboard by CTRL + V. In addition, you can embed any attached images with just a few clicks.

New dashboard

Last but not least, we updated the dashboard with new features. Keep yourself updated on the new features with the “What’s new” section. The new dashboard layout gives you quick access to recent and favorite story maps.

Try out the new features!


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