Product Management Process – 7 Steps to Do It Successfully in 2022

product management process

Product management process involves the management of all aspects related to the product, including its development, design, marketing, and sales. Product managers are responsible throughout the product’s life cycle. Product management process in seven main stages: Idea generation and management, research and analytics, planning, prototyping, validation, delivery, and finally, launch. An effective product management process … Read more

Technical Product Manager Responsibilities, Best Practices, Skills, & Requirements

technical product manager

Technical product management is a hybrid role that requires the expertise of an engineer, marketer, and researcher all in one person. It’s a challenging role that requires you to be constantly learning new things and staying on top of industry trends. Contents Who Is a Technical Product Manager? Technical Product Manager vs. Traditional Product Manager … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Product Management Frameworks: Which One Should You Use?

product management frameworks

In the world of product management, there are many different frameworks and processes. Some are more widely recognized than others, but each has its own merits and can be useful in different situations. After reading this article, you’ll have a solid understanding of what product management frameworks are, why they exist, and which ones you … Read more

How to Build a Great Product Team Structure

product team structures

Product team structure can vary. There is no one-size-fits-all structure for product teams. In smaller companies, the product teams are organized around a single product, different products, or product lines of a company. If the products are large and complex, the product team structure can be based on product features, customer segment, or a specific … Read more