Impress your new boss with your product management skills

Nowadays if you wish to have the job of your dreams as a project manager, you have to have great organisational skills, be able to walk on water and do any other number of other miracles whenever the situation requires it. A great product manager has a problem solving magic want. But how can you develop this miraculous skill?

Let’s dive in!


Time is money, time is power. We’ve all heard these expressions so many times before. We think that time is much more importantly respect. As a project manager, especially if you are working with a software development team, it is extremely hard to deliver a project on time. This is why, when you do you do deliver on time, it shows a great deal of respect and care for your clients, which always helps to build a healthy working relationship. To be able to deliver you also need to have a willing team. To motivate them and lead by example, you can train them by being on time. Always. If Obama arrived to his meetings 10 minutes early, so can you.

Practice over theory

You can be familiar with expressions such as agile project management, but without using the right tools, it is likely to just stay theory. With StoriesOnBoard you can put your planning hat on and start  preparation for your first magic trick. Sign up and try StoriesOnBoard for free, but be warned… once you do, you’ll be hooked! After seeing the big picture, better understanding the processes, it will be easier to cut them down into smaller tasks. You can import these tasks from StoriesOnBoard to JIRA and Trello as well! Do you want to learn more about how you can use your system to ease your workflow? Then check out our tutorials.

Know your crew

As much as you need to know the tools that you are using. You also have to gain a great insight about your team as a whole and individually. Explore their talents, don’t be afraid of asking them to do new tasks and allowing them the freedom to express themselves. The worst thing that can happen is that you find out one of their weaknesses so that you can better manage them in future. On the other hand, what if you find out that one of your existing team member has the necessary skill to do a certain task that you’ve been crying out for? Knowing your team is also about knowing when it is the right time to make them to do the extra mile and when they need to rest.

Responsibility and awards

Every project has its ups and downs. Being a project leader is all about making decisions while you are stressed out and still have to put your motivational face on. It is important to keep in mind, if your team does not deliver, it is not always their fault. Maybe you did not cut those processes into small enough pieces or you underestimated the amount of time that needed to be spent. This issue for example can be prevented, if you collaborate even during the planning part with your team. With StoriesOnBoard you can easily share the plan with them and let them contribute too!

Remember, a good product manager always delivers in the end. Take time to show your appreciation for your team and celebrate! Champagne!

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